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More weird people-faced deer!
huge image of adorableness )

In other news, I did terrible things to my pinky finger today, on the fridge door. This is only one in a long history of mildly embarrassing and bizarrely obtained injuries. I carry and frequently use a pocket knife. I play with swords, for freak's sake, and I've injured myself on some kind of blade, in the history of my life that I can recall, twice. On the other hand, I've embedded the splinter of doom into my hand from a varnished banister railing, given myself bleeding gashes on the edges of counter and table tops, and once I even gave myself a nasty cut on corrugated cardboard. It's the non-sharp objects I've gotta look out for.
I opened the fridge, and a box of leftover fried chicken started to slide out, so I lunged to catch it. I rolled a critical failure, and jammed my pinky finger on the inside of the door somehow, badly enough that I made a sound Bridgie said counts as a scream. I never scream! My voice doesn't even go that high. I felt pretty stupid, except then my finger started immediately swelling. A package of frozen vegetables later, it's only slightly swollen, doesn't hurt much unless I bump it, and it moves okay which I assume means nothing's broken. I dunno.
Stupid fridge.

I keep meaning to play the refrigerator-shaped god of guilt from the Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul in DM, I even have icons ready. Maybe this is some kind of cosmic impetus.

Of Trash

Sep. 10th, 2009 02:25 pm
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Somebody stole our garbage can. WTF. Who steals garbage cans?
It had our apartment number written on it.


Just got back from seeing '9' which was awesome and Morri is bouncing. Going to go ink coloring book stuff now.


Jul. 8th, 2009 09:51 am
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It's like I have to beat somebody up to get a shot at the keyboard lately, I swear. I am so far out of the loop RP-wise...
Aaanyways, working on drawings, but not stuff I want to show off right now, because it's prelim proposal work for a possible graphics job. Not a long term gig, but something that would get my art a little exposure and give me something nice to put in the portfolio and on the resume. We'll see how that goes. I have to put in a bid and I'm always inclined to way undercharge.
Which I'm sure somehow hooks up with my weekend/Monday adventure in which my bank account was overdrawn. Because of the fee the bank extracts for my having an account. Yergh. They've also raised the overdraft fee more than I thought they had.

In the good stuff field, though! We went to Shenandoah last Friday, very spur of the moment trip. It was just a day trip but we saw lots of deer, twin fawns, a raccoon (I can't believe I took photos of that. They used to come up on the porch and stand a foot away from you in B'ham, begging for food.), and most spectacularly a bear cub. It was while we were driving, and I did get out to take a photo over the roof of the car, because I'm not a dumbass. But there were other people behind us who were dumbasses and wanted to go closer, and then the park rangers came around and blared sirens at all of us. Whee. Oh well. I still need to dl the photos.

In the hysterically weird stuff, last night I was about to go to bed, Shad was wrapping up on the computer, there were strange rattling noises in the AC unit, and the next thing we knew there was a bat crawling across the kitchen floor. Grabbing of cats and frantic searching for a box ensued.

Rey: Runs upstairs with cat and shoves it in bedroom Stay there!
Bridgie: Mmmmgh?
Rey: There's a bat! In the kitchen!
Bridgie: Okay. Nods contentedly

I just love adding these little surreal moments when she's not awake, but this is the same girl who wakes me up in he middle of the night to tell me there are birds on her neck or a hanger floating over the bed.
Anyways, bat was captured pretty easily, and released outside, although there was a moment I had the edge of the box on its wing which I feel pretty bad for. It made some funky noises about that, but it was in the livingroom by then and I think the carpet cushioned things so it didn't really get hurt. It flew away, outside, after sitting on the sidewalk a minute going 'ohshitwhatwasthat???'

Kitchenbat. LOL. I feel like I should draw a bat anthro thingy in homage.

Napkin art

Jun. 25th, 2009 02:21 pm
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It is a day of housecleaning, and I feel bad about not having much art to post, and Bridgie yoinked our collection of napkin art off the fridge. I present for your perusal a sampling of the weirdshit art that collects on our fridge.
napkinart )
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So I meant to update earlier in the week, like Tuesday morning, but it kind of didn't happen. Anyways! A new art: Dirk Gently meets The Shadow. He is later found unconscious in an alley, and on waking, plaintively groans "He could have just asked me to be quiet..."
This was just a silly little thing I did in between stuff, and the coloring is kind of crappy, but it was an experiment. Need to work on the painting of Maggie now. I really hate having so many drawings started but not finished. For some reason that bothers me in a way all the ones I haven't started at all don't.

Yesterday was the first day of a two-week catsitting job, which is cool because it's paid, and the kitties are nice. The WTF part was going out to my car to go there and finding somebody threw a bowlful of... ramen? on my windshield. With a few little chunks of potatoes. And maybe some scrambled egg. I got a pretty good look because it was damn hard to clean off, especially since my car has never had windshield wiper fluid in the time I've owned it because the resevoir for it is cracked. Yurgh. But the gas station had a window cleaning thingie that did a better job of it, and I'm over it, so now it's just a 'WTF?' moment. When we got to the house with the cats, there was someone else there cleaning (We'd been forewarned about that), and she was nice and cheerful and told us we should expect surprises. Expect a surprise every day! It sounded like something my mother would say. I almost told her I'd got mine in the form of noodles on my car, but I didn't want to sound grouchy.

Also! A plug! In case nobody reads Shad's LJ I will stand and wave my arms and point out that he's just gotten webpage set up! And I'm totally not plugging it just because I helped him beat the tables into behaving. He's got some good writing up there. I think we should all poke him until he puts the NaNovel up too.

Off to drink lots of coffee and make myself get down to watercolor pencils again...
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So the end of last week, I had a handful of art projects I wanted to work on over the weekend and post some time in the next week. And then there was babysitting and Bridgie is going back to school for a medical billing program so there was student ID and parking permit and books and first class, and then we had a class at the UU church, and here it is into the next week and I have a handful of not-quite-done art that I still can't post.
I also flailed and tore my hair out and finished a so-so entry for the MGC by 3AM last night, and now my left hand is half tingling half numb again, so I'm off art again until I can't see the cords standing up in my wrist and I can feel my hand. I'm especially annoyed at myself because Courtney's commission was pretty much top of the list for needs to be finished...

Ergh. Anyways, I'm going to link the MGC here although it probably won't be updated until afternoon because they have lives and work. Apparently the site's in danger of closing, and that's terrible because it really is an awesome contest.

To end this, because typing is hard and my left hand fingers keep missing the keys, we got one of those amusing spam things today where there's cut and paste of random story text. Except that the spammer forgot to attach a virus or slap in some porn or viagra adverts, so it's really just an eml of some random story fragments. I love these things. It's like the bastard child of haiku and flipping radio stations.
There was a thoughtful silence again, and then he cried out-- )

Wasn't that enlightening and restful? I feel like I should meditate on the underlying meaning of the lines. But that might be because I was up until 3AM staring and Photoshop and there's too much blood in my coffee system.
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Hey! Hey hey everybody! Monster Day! This is awesome! I don't draw monsters enough.
Edit: Monster day is not today, if you follow the link, but it is the 16th! That gives you time to get your monster on.

Also edit: 60 degrees this afternoon and snow tonight. W. T. F. Don't give me none of that 'Richmond weather' crap, the sky gods are fucking with our miiiiiiinds!!!
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The system is not available for accessing right now. Please visit us back during business hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Well thank you unemployment, clearly you understand the purpose of having a website. All day I've been trying to get the chance to sit down and do this part of things, and now apparently I have to wait until tomorrow.

In other news, we can has car! The bad news is they not only put in a used transmission, but also a new catalytic converter, wheel bearing, and replaced and axle... It's a little scary to know we were driving around with all that on the verge of going, and the total bill comes very close to the low-end cost of getting another car. The car is running a lot better than it was, though. It went in for some tweaking this morning because it was lurching a little when the lower gears shifted, and when I got it back this afternoon it was running like a whole different car. It actually feels like a vehicle that could go for a couple more years, now, and I've got my acceleration back when I thought that was just going because it's old and there was nothing to be done about it. That's a major relief.

Okay, for the sake of wacky fun and because I've been artistically underproductive lately, have some really old but entertaining crap. These comics I originally wrote back in Middle School(?) in pencil on lined paper. These inked versions were redone in High School, but I don't think I changed the text any. That I wrote this stuff at that age, maybe 13 or 14, probably says a lot about me.

The little cartoons at the top of the first one are very much High School era.
Conversations with an Infinite Being )
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Is it silly that I'm slightly jealous there's an MP3 Player shuffle meme going around, and mine is noe pretty much worthless? I think I forgot to mention that on here. annoyed ramble )

Anyways, jobhunting and art commissions today. I called in Friday night and didn't have to do anything, but I get to call in on Jury duty again tonight and every weeknight for the next two weeks, so that's a little stressy. On the one hand I hope someone wants to interview me for a job, on the other hand I don't dare schedule an interview because what if I have to go in that day? I won't know until the night before.

Wacky funtimes, because it's needed.
[ profile] cheezdanish made a post of this and I'm sharing the luff, because. Hitler on the Universal City Studios park.

This is effing awesome, for anyone who didn't catch it on WTF Nature. You should totally listen to these, but be warned some of them are NSFW. Hilarious anyway. I especially love Val, which sounds like a children's storybook. Follow the link for explanation and a neat cover by Edward Gorey.
We haven't listened to all of them yet but what we did hear left us dying of laughter in some cases, others just made us go wow.

I think that's it for now. Working on commissions but one's not quite finished and another is done but it was a birthday surprise and I don't want to post it until at least tomorrow because of that.

ETA: For all who didn't hear it, I got the answer back and I do get unemployment. Not knowing quite how you messed up doesn't count as misconduct. ;)
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Job-hunting unfortunately means a lot of keeping the phone line open, but seeing as I'm currently sending out emls to reply to ads...

depressing )

On a lighter note for your entertainment, here's some stuff found in the job ads:


Help Desk
(standard requirements blah blah blah...) Must have secret clearance.

Christ the King seeks admin to...

On the meme front, yoinked from [ profile] amethystlight
Ask any of my characters anything with any of your characters or however that meme goes.

I'll list the characters who can be questioned. You can ask questions with either your own RP characters or as yourself. You're welcome to question characters I don't play online if you're familiar with them, though. ;)
Character list on LJ:
Dirk Gently [ profile] dirk__gently
Markus Rathbone [ profile] call_me_rat
Silens [ profile] greyshade
Terrence Coleburn [ profile] t_coleburn
Fisher [ profile] maylookatkings
The Librarian [ profile] librarykeeper
Owen Burnett [ profile] agoodfellow
Tyldak [ profile] flyhighthing
Persephone Falcone [ profile] bitterseeds
Damien Stockholm [ profile] d_stockholm (Retired on LJ)

I'll re when I'm not worried about incoming phonecalls and when we're not being hit with a thunderstorm, which may be a narrow timeframe but we'll see. I'm off to try to finish up Janewt's commission, which is very close to done. Thanks to everybody making helpful comments!
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One of the nice parts of summer is the fresh food available, and we’re especially enjoying this since the Farmer’s Market opened right near our place. We’ve been getting good stuff like cherries and peapods and goat cheese and this weekend some really excellent tea (The lady at the stand tried to give us a little lesson on brewing tea properly and I just laughed and said we had a British friend).
Squeakers has also been enjoying the bounty of summer food, in the form of two bats in the past week alone, and a mole cricket whose legs and head I found on the floor by the TV. Last night I thought to take a short walk at dusk, and although Squeaks had only been out for ten or fifteen minutes I plucked her off the porch and put her back in so she wouldn’t follow me across the street. I didn’t realize until after I put her in that what she had been purring about was a little bat, not even dead yet, face up on the ground. I’m guessing she knocked it out of the air, because I’ve had eyewitnesses, including my parents, tell me she does that with birds. We watched the poor thing gasping for air, nudged it to one side with a leaf, and left it for a short walk. My hope was it was just stunned, and would recover if we left it alone. By the time we got back rigor mortis was setting in and I had to go put it in the trash can. Five minutes later she begged to be let out again, and when she begs to be let out we’re pretty sure the neighbors can all hear it.
She’s up to date on all her shots, she’s almost impossible to keep indoors, and by and large I don’t really mind her hunting, but geez. She doesn’t bring me stuff much anymore, probably because I have this tendency to put it in the trash can, for fear bits of it will be puked up indoors. Wouldn’t be the first time for that, either.

I’m stalled on the digital painting. I think I just took too damn long on it, so I hit a point where all I see is things wrong with it. He got too muscular, and I feel like I’ve lost the fluidity and motion of the pose. Here’s an IP, genuine artistic criticism welcomed, really.
cut for image )
Ignore the blotches of color beside him though, because those are just for sampling shadow colors, and his antlers obviously need work. It’s the figure itself I’m really having issues with.
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I haven't posted partly because I don't like to spill angst all over this journal. I've been stressed, and a large reason has been financial. I thought I knew how much money I had in the bank, paid off my Sprint bill that was past due, and made a couple other minor purchases (lunch, gas for the car). The next thing I knew I was overdrawn, and with the overdraft fees I was almost $150 in debt to the bank. I'm not financially savy or numbers savy, I have a math disability, so I was beating myself up for thinking I had more money than I did and getting myself into trouble. My tax refunds came through and saved my ass, but still.
This morning the chick that does payroll at work informed me that the bank had taken the last paycheck I deposited, and handed it straight back to the issuer. They deposited my entire paycheck to my employer.
If I'd had my paycheck, I would've had the money I counted on being there, and never been overdrawn.
The good news is that my coworker who does payroll must've said the right things. They sent an employee physically down to the store (we're in the same shopping center) with all the carbon copies of paperwork for the corrections. I get my paycheck back, and my overdraft fees.

I should probably take it as some kind of sign that I was so willing to beat myself up and assume the mistake was mine. Aaanyway.
personality quiz )

Working on arts. Rly.
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Sooo finished inking the Magneto pic. It's pretty depressing, actually, but I guess that's what I was going for. If you're not familiar with the X-Men and Magneto, it probably doesn't make as much sense.
Note to self: Never, ever, ever do inking with a brush again. It took three days. The effects are interesting, although if I really wanted to do it right I would have made copies and inked the whole picture twice, because it was a very trial and error thing. I don't have that kind of patience, and this version is good enough. I like it because it doesn't look like my usual stuff at all, I was very much trying to copy the style of the comics I remember back when I was very into X-Men. Early nineties I guess. From what I've seen, the Marvel comics have a more heavily anime influenced look to them now, which is fine and all but this was to indulge nostalgia.
Cut for us poor pitiful dial-uppers.
Magneto Memories )

I'm trying to finish up coloring the Mad Hatter pic, and I'll be computer coloring the Magneto one. It's already struck me that finishing a picture of the Mad Hatter having tea with time in pastel colors and Magneto remembering the concentration camps at the same time says something very weird about me. I'm not sure what, but it's damn weird.
In other news, I'm looking over those character meme drawing things that drift around on DA. I could use a break.

WTF of the day: Today in the mail we recieved a membership renewal for the gardens, which is a waste of paper as it is since we already renewed. Along with the envelope and form and all, there's a little green piece of paper to tell you about their dedication to saving trees and how you can help them save paper by renewing online because they are all about saving trees!

They sent us five duplicate copies of this piece of paper in the one envelope.

Because they really wanted us to know how big they are on saving paper.
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Okay, just in under the wire, but I'm posting something today, damnit! It is crapolicious. I still owe many people birthday art. This is a drop in an ocean.
Artness )
Yeah, the shirt there is supposed to have 't-shirt' crossed out and replaced with 'nervous breakdown'. Thorn's face looks a little wonky in the wide shot. Incidentally, although I draw Thorn plenty, I think he's one of the hardest characters to draw. He's got those weirdly set eyes with the almost hidden eyelids, and I can't remember why. I'm probably the one who designed him that way, and then heart shaped faces always give me trouble, and... yeah.

In other news, this from Donya:
Reply to this and I will...
1)Tell you why I friended you.
2)Associate you with a song/movie.
3)Tell a random fact about you.
4)Tell my first memory of you.
5)Associate you with an animal/fruit.
6)Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7)In return, you must post this in your lj.

WTF: In other other news, I got my new debit card from the lovely bank people. They neglected to send me the pin change, though. They did actually change my pin, they just didn't bother to tell me what it's changed to. Today I got a guy on the phone, who helpfully 'activated' my new card.
Bankman: So it's fully activated now, and we'll get the pin change sent to you in seven to ten business days.
Me: Sooo, in the meantime, will the card work with my old pin?
Bankman: ...No. You'll have to wait for the new pin information.
Me: Why didn't I get it before now? They said they were sending it when they sent the new card.
Bankman: My records don't show the pin ever being sent.
Me: Oh...
Bankman: But your card is active now. Was there anything else I could help you with today ma'am?
Me: No... no. I don't think there is.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] reyverie! Patricia...whatever. ;) I'm still struggling to get a really good picture of Dr. Dillamond.

Your random links for the day involve, irrationally, a chupacabra, and an article about the state of Texas being taken over by spiders.
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Happy Birthday Zora! Or [ profile] zora113 or whatever. I knew her before the 113. Since I'm on an art kick, I'll draw you a late birthday picture if you tell me what of.

And on that note I have the sketch for Sarahmun. It looks craptastic in black and white because it's so faint, it doesn't scan well. I do mean to do nice finished colored versions of all these meme sketches, just so you guys know. I was going for a Hopper-esque kind of thing here, with the mostly empty diner at night. I want to get all the sketches done before I go back and clean these up. Two more to go.

This past weekend/week has been... distracting. I'm so far behind on the webpage work for Vadim it's not even funny. The pretty girl's had some bad stuff going on and we've been pelted by a series of thunderstorms, but we haven't lost power or anything, so we can count our blessings or some shit. I've heard other people in the area have lost power for up to 24 hours at a time.
Not much else to say...

WTFing: Talked to my parents on the phone, and my mother asked what kind of foods we'd want around so she can be ready. It is August. We will be there in December. If she starts buying the groceries for our visit now we're gonna be in trouble...
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Okay, what I really came online for this morning was to put the next fanart piece up. I give you the long-procrastinated Owen Burnett picture. I haven't done much digital coloring for a while, so I'm happy with how it turned out. After that talk of drooling on the keyboard last night, I got insomnia, so the background was colored at odd hours of the morning. It's finished, anyways.

WTF: There are radio commercials to tell you how you're obligated to buy your kid a new cell phone because it's the start of the new school year. Call me a cynic, but A)Aren't those not allowed at school? And B)Wouldn't it be a little smarter to save that money to help them maybe go to college?
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Finished HP fanart. Lossa Tyldak sketches in the scraps section, because I lurves the bat-elf. Going to bed before I drool on the keyboard now.

WTF: Went to Shoney's tonight and there was a stuffed toy in the little claw machine thingie that looked really weird. Bridgie pointed out it was Abe Lincoln. An Abe Lincoln plushie. I didn't quite believe her so I peered at the tag, which said 'United States Presidents: Collect all 12!'
Bridgie says nobody would want, like, a Calvin Coolidge plushie but that Taft might be nice and squishy and round.
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After most of the week ferrying the cats back and forth and generally having our schedules disrupted, the window people still haven't touched our building. They approached it one day, but as soon as they did it started raining, and they left and never came back that day, even though the rain was for an hour or less in the morning. Since then they've been working on a building we thought they'd finished a week or more ago. We're starting to wonder if maybe they did a shoddy job and it leaked and they've been repairing it since. Not confidence inspiring. It was an ugly week in other respects too, with a severe random allergy attack, and Bridgie had an awful time at work. We'll see what next week brings.

Since I've been too lazy to put up a picture of the quilt I made for the contest, here's a link to the blog post my boss made. Mine's the bug one with the black border, seventh one down, but it does say my name on it.

WTF of the something: Last night we went to the store on the late side, about an hour before close I guess. We were trying to pick up some food for the weekend and Bridgie picked up this prepackaged just-put-it-in-the-microwave type pasta like they make in the deli. As soon as she picked it up this woman tidying up the fridge-thing Took it out of her hand and said she couldn't buy it, because it was being put on thrift tomorrow. She'd have to come back tomorrow morning if she wanted it.
The mind, it boggles.
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I felt the need to share, because I am just that cruel.

Every once in a while at work we have PJ party classes that go on past the normal store hours, and involve pizza and soda and stuff. We had one such class going on tonight, and also a class that only ran until close, the latter involving painting on fabric. I worked a closing shift, which means I still get to leave when the store closes and the regular class gets out, but working on a PJ party night also means the boss tells me to take a break and have a slice of pizza.

So there I am, sitting in the back innocently with my slice of pizza and a soda, at the employee break table which is close to the bathrooms. There is a customer in the painting on fabric class who I loathe for many reasons, and she comes to pour her paintwater in the toilet. Many people have been doing this, it's all good, but this lady pours her paintwater out, turns to me, and goes:
"This reminds me of the time I had this medical procedure and they had to do these injections all around my nipple? But they used this dye so things would show up and I went to the bathroom and peed blue for weeks after."

...I never did finish the slice of pizza.


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