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In other news, I also have a second DeviantArt account just for photos and I've been uploading stuff there like a mad thing for over a week, although I started almost a year ago. Still trying to catch up on a huge backlog, over a thousand photos, just to get to the ones from the past year or so. Anyways, if you want to look at pretty photos please do wander over here. I'm currently uploading stuff between posting this, so if you're bored enough you can watch stuff actively being added for probably the next hour or so. I'm on kitten photos now.

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In other news, I really need to check this journal more often! Anyway, in a vague attempt to catch up, copy+paste from Tumblr post the other day... Read more... )
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Okay, first off, it snowed Sunday. It is 80 degrees today. I can't even... bwha??
Here is photo proof. Just trust me, that's proof. If you don't know me in person, I wear big clonky boots year round, I'm really not a barefoot kind of person, but today I had to go stand outside in the grass with bare feet. Because it is 80.

Thank you to the people who bought stuff off our Etsy shop or commissioned me, yesterday! The loan for the vet bill is covered, and any overflow will be used to keep my car able to go places, and maybe I can buy the kitty a collar and tag when she’s feeling better. Right now her rabies tag is still taped to a piece of paper. Also we scraped together enough to buy a couple fried chicken breasts. Breakfast is chicken at 2:00 in the afternoon but it is so delicious! Also bought bread. We’re eating lots of tuna sandwiches, partly because the sick kitty gets tuna water that way. Read more... )

See the Tumblr version of this post here.
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Risked our necks in the night for a roast chicken dinner at the in-laws, and the drive back home was scary, but this morning it's all melting. Fortunately I got out not long after dawn for some photos of the snow.
photos here! )
Or if you want the full tour of pictures, they're in a FB album here!


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