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A digital painting has been eating my brain from the inside out, and also causing me to steal other people's computer time. Yargh. In the meantime, I also bought a brush pen and did some random ElfQuest art. I'm liking the calligraphic line quality with the brush pen, but the tip of it is fraying so fast, which makes the detail bits harder. Because I am a silly artist, I will probably use it to ink as many drawings as I can until it dies.
Young bishy Tyldak before he got Winnowill to turn him into the bat elf.
Tyldak and Kahvi in a very canon moment. I used to be a Tyldak/Dewshine shipper, but I'm finding this relationship more fascinating now. I've been rereading the comics and he is totally Kahvi's bitch. She uses him, and he just takes it, and is more devoted to her than he's ever been to anyone. Tyldak has submission issues.
For those of you not into ElfQuest, just nod and smile and look at the pretty pictures.

Saw Prince Caspian this weekend with Bridgie's mother, who then convinced us to go buy Bridgie's dad a hammock. that was an adventure. Anyway, I got all nostalgic and rented the old BBC Narnia productions, and after seeing the new stuff they're just... not as good. There's some very impressive puppetry for the time though.
Will post again soon I hope, with the digital painting.
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Saw Harry Potter on Saturday, and it was very cool. No real spoilers here but I will say that it felt very condensed. A lot of details got altered for the purpose of making the content fit well into the movie, and I think that those changes were well done. There's only so much you can cram into two hours and I think they managed to tailor what's a really thick book into a single movie in a way that was satisfying. There are some definite assumptions I see being made in the movies, all but the first, because they're counting on the viewers to have read the books. That doesn't really bother me, though.
Remember that contest I told you about, with Bridgie's doll? Well they effed up. Apparently one entry got left out of the voting or something, and we all need to vote again. Grr. Entry 18, right here.
Please to be voting for her please pretty please? We're a little annoyed about the whole thing being redone.
I didn't win the contest at work, but I didn't really expect to either. The woman who did win is much more experienced and her quilt was very cool. I voted for it myself.

In other news I've gotten some webpage work through Wendy, for a friend of hers. English isn't his first language, so we're struggling a little to communicate with each other, but I think we're managing. What really makes the job tricky is the html of the original page. Whoever set it up for him used MS Frontpage, and it's done exactly what I hate about web editing programs. There's all these redundant lines of garbage code that make it a mess from the scripting side of things. I do my web editing with notepad, and when I see the scripting tell every line of text what color to be, when it's all the same color, that drives me up the wall. Half the work is cleaning up the code. For those of you who don't know much about web editing, I can tell the pages were designed with Microsoft Frontpage because it also inserts little invisible lines of code to tell you what program and version of it the page was designed with. It's a kind of subtle advertising ploy. It's not working on me, because it makes me loathe the program instead of want to buy it. Fortunately what this guy wants is simple stuff. I should be working on the webpage now, though, instead of filling out a meme...
Stolen from Shiri, but going around:
that 80 questions meme )

Now I will try to go do something more productive, like eat and work.
The end of last week I got hit with the worst period I've had in a while. I know guys don't need to hear this, but just deal. I skipped last month, so I knew this would be ugly, but it messed up my blood pressure so badly I had to skip a day of work because I just could not stand for more than ten minutes. It's been years since I came that close to passing out. I'm pretty much back to normal now, but it was obnoxious and I'm hoping it won't be a pattern for the next six months or something. It's kind of derailed my work on the webpage, as well as making me miss work at my day job. Sometimes being a chick sucks.
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Bridgie entered this doll contest thingy, and hers really is one of the best in there. Go vote! Entries are here and her entry is Number 18. Please go vote! It seems to track IP's so our whole household only gets one vote!

So, I meant to post an update on the broken window thing sooner. Did I mention we still have a hole in our window? We had put in a request to have it fixed (Apt. office lady: You mean you have an actual hole? Me: Yes, that's what I just said. It's about the size of my fist. Office lady: Oh... uhm... so I'll write up a ticket. Me: Any idea how soon it'll get repaired? Office Lady: I'll write up a ticket. You said it's really broken?) We were impatiently waiting for over a week when the notice got shoved in the mail slot that all the apartment windows in the complex were being replaced, starting June 1st. It would have been nice to be told that's why the apartment people did nothing but come by and slap duct tape over the hole, but... yeah. We're fairly close to the main road and we've been watching the work move steadily closer to our building. I've been griping since we got the notice, and now that it's possible they could come this week it occurs to us that we need to put the cats up with somebody that day but they've neglected to let us know what day that will be. Hrm. Been too busy working to call and ask, because their office hours are inconvenient.

Saw Transformers on the Fourth, and remembered why I was in love with them way back in the day. I fell in love all over again. I'm not about to start writing fic or anything like that, but I will buy it once it's out on video, go read all of Shiri's TF fic, and drool over pics. I even dug out my one remaining TF toy. He's very yellowed and broken and I don't remember what his name was supposed to be, but I still have him.

I also entered in an employee quilt contest at work, but I'm not supposed to tell anybody which quilt is mine until the voting is over. Plus I'm too lazy to mess with photos tonight.


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