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Accent meme, also known as watching me ramble pointlessly while squinting at a list of questions taped to the camera tripod.

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The new kitty (finally named Maxie Magpie) is doing better at last, and this is her first time actually showing an interest in playing!
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For anybody who, like me, is up late on Christmas Eve still wrapping and finishing up making gifts, this is my gift to you. This is just a selection of some of my favorite Christmas music, some solemn, some funny, some truly unexpected and all good stuff. I wish you all a good holiday, may you find the spirit of the day in the feelings the music inspires. *HUGS* to all.

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Once again, I am very behind on updating this. I guess Facebook is easier in the sense that I can post short snippet updates, faster. It's pretty impersonal, or at least I'm not going to post anything overly personal on it, but then I'm careful with that here too. Anyways, have a slice of life, I guess.

I'll try to make a more meaningful update sometime soon. Plenty of not-so-great important stuff going on in my life right now, but it's hard to find time to sit down and write a long post. Blargh.
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So I meant to post some of my 365 art here before now, for those who might not be following my stuff anywhere else. Or something. Anyway, I may still, later. The project has been devouring my life and I'm not quite sure if it's supposed to or not. Today's project is so incredibly goofy yet entertaining that I'm linking it here, just because. Full blog entry is here.

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So I went looking for MST3K fan communities to promote Bridgie's awesome Torgo doll and ran across this piece of sheer awesome geekery:

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So somehow I got swept away from the world a little before Thanksgiving, and short status updates on FB has been my main mode of communication with the world.
Okay, that and RP. Lots of RP.

Still frantic as we work our way down to the zero hour of Xmas and I'm flailing a little because there were so many things I wanted to make, but I haven't been able to get time to myself to work on them, and I've been working at Umami coffee and tea a lot which is good, even if it is inconsistent work and I'm not technically an employee. I hope all of you are feeling like you're close to ready, because the best part of Christmas (apart from Christmas morning and actually watching family open the gifts you carefully picked out and scraped and saved to afford), is that brief peace beforehand when you're done, everything's wrapped, you can sit back and anticipate their reactions. I don't get that every year, but I think it's something we should all strive for. There should be a cut-off point, a moment where you decide you're done, and anything unfinished you can give a verbal rain-check for.

Because all of that is better to focus on than the frustration that we couldn't do the Angel Tree again this year, or that we've been outright too busy or too exhausted to make it to church. It's a lot better to focus on then whether or not my grandmother will make it through Christmas, because she's going by inches, but we don't know how many of them, and they're calling in hospice for her. Every time I hear about her my stomach clenches and I cry not for the family she leaves behind, but for her, because she's living out everyone's worst nightmares right now.

So I approach Christmas with a frothy blend of stress, excitement, crafting, and a longing for a small space of peace and calm.

Found this the other night, after Bridgie asked me what my favorite Christmas special was, growing up.

The other parts should be easily reachable through there...

Wishing everyone happy holidays, and your own little space of peace and calm.

Edit: A bonus for those of you feeling less than optimistic this time of year.
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I've been busy, because odd jobs keep you working harder sometimes than a normal job would. But! Have some Hallowe'en fun! I really want to go as a Ghostbuster, some year. There's tutorials on making your own realistic proton pack around...

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The obnoxiousness I posted about last week aside, this weekend has been busy in good ways. Saturday we took a trip to the Richmond Metro Zoo, which was a slightly hellish drive, but well worth it, and I didn't get lost at any point so that's all good. Photos are awesome, I love taking photos, but my newest obsession is Windows Movie Maker and I made a definite effort to take lots of video. It paid off... Some of this was taken by Alexa, the foster kid we've been mentoring, but really there was way too much video and photos to fit in here. The first video is just a compilation... but the second one is the tigers being very frisky. There was a lot of that going around at the zoo.
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I'll try to update with art again next time, but my nerves are a little frazzled since I'm expecting a call from insurance lawyers this week. Thank you to everybody who's being sympathetic.

Edit: Changed and re-uploaded the first video, hopefully this one will fly. I can only handle one lawsuit at a time.
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Happy New Year! The neighbors just put on a fantastic fireworks show, which freaked out Squeaks. She went to go hide under the bed upstairs, her usual refuge during thunderstorms.

Entering the new year with mixed feelings. I just got through my second Christmas in a row jobless, and that never feels good. I'm extremely grateful we've got some financial support keeping us from being homeless, and making sure we have food to eat, but the holidays really suck when you angst over not being able to buy the people you care about and the people helping you keep on anything nice. There was much making of stuff, arts and crafts. I made the pretty girl a white stag plushie that went over well.
In the past I've done that thing where you post the first line of the first entry of each month for the last year, but I'm afraid to. It was a shitty year, and I'm sorry to be pessimistic but that's what it comes down to. I've had kind of a bad new year's day, where I was feeling relieved that I've gotten a little money in from odd jobs, and then my car door got broken. Broken in the sense that it can't be closed. We're expecting sleet tonight, and I keep thinking about how my car is sitting out front with the door hanging open, and I can't do a thing about it until Monday. I'm a little afraid to even recap the year, because having to put Spider down tends to swim up in my mind.

So! Good things only!
* New member of the household, Froggy, who plays fetch and goes meep and seems healthier from the start than Spider ever was.
* Coloring book and just recently a sticker to go with it for the recycling company.
* The Pretty Girl is in school and enjoying it, even if she did have to switch to DeVry after the local college screwed her over.
* Started playing The Endless Forest which is pretty and makes me draw more. Wish I had a better video card so it would play right. Maybe I can save up pennies.
* DSL. Wow. So nice to finally be able to watch videos. I know we're always behind the technological curve but I'm just glad to only be slightly behind instead of a lot behind.
* Our rent is still getting paid. We're not starving. We're hanging in there.
* My car still runs. Hopefully the door won't be hard to fix, but man, when I dug it out of the snow it started up on the first turn of the key. They don't make 'em like they used to.
* We seemed to get over our myriad illnesses in time for Christmas.
* Haven't lost anyone I know but the cat, this year. To the best of my knowledge, right now, nobody I know has cancer or anything else terminal.
* For the first time ever, the man I voted for won the presidency. OMG. That really does feel like a piece of history, still.

I'm not big on resolutions, but I need to get out of the house and walk more. I was doing pretty good on it until the real winter cold hit. I'd also like to try and do some sketching every day. That's harder than it sounds, but I pulled it off once before when DBear got us all doing the NaCreWhaMo thing. I'd love to be one of those people who sketches every day for years with a nice pretty sketch blog, but I'm only holding myself to one month, just to do it through January, and maybe it'll become a good habit from there.

Okay, it's getting well into the new year, and bed is calling because my back is messed up right now. Happy New Year everybody, and let's all hope the next year is an improvement. I know so many people have had a rough time.

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Thanks to our shiny new DSL, we're on youtube. OMGness. Being able to watch videos is awesome. Being able to make and upload them may be even more awesome.

In other news, I totally need to make an update photo post thing because I still have photos from Halloween hanging around...


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