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A day late, and the make up was a little shoddier on actual Halloween because I didn’t have much time after work. Used some hair gel that turned my hair into a solid hard helmet-y mass, but at least it washed out easy. Finally got the spine plackets on the vestback, made a fake pocket square, and fixed the hatband on my new hat. Then we all just hung around watching Silent Hill and gave out candy to the total of three groups that came to the door. Anyways, our new roomies have a proper Halloween cat and he hung out with us.

Now that my Spine costume is totally complete, I have nothing to do while wearing it.

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Still need a pocket square and a proper hatband, but we went to a Dia de los Muertos celebration/costume party today, and the performers pulled us into the photo session at the end, so we’re in a bunch of stranger’s photos with their kids, and I even helped hold a wheelchair for somebody for a photo. Had to beg a parent at the end of it all to take a photo with my own camera. When they first begged for us to come down and stand with them, they called me ‘Tin Man’. ;D

Took some photos with a sculpture at the arts center, then did a photo session in the backyard of our new house. Bridgie makes the most adorable witch! Her ‘throne’ is actually a firepit thing that came with the house…

And ended the day with dinner out (a waiter took our photos, too), and a milkshake, because The Spine likes ice cream.

And it’s not even Halloween just yet!
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More pics on Tumblr post here.
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From Tumblr post here

I genuinely do not wear make-up except for special occasions (I am allergic to some of it), and I don’t feel like I’m beautiful or hideous, just average, so I guess I’m lucky there. What I remember among the many enriching comments my mother has made over the years, though, are how she told me a few times I ‘could be so pretty, if I’d just wear a little make-up’.

I had the presence of mind, even as a teenager, to ask her if she was telling me I was ugly without it. She just got flustered and apologetic, but in light of this her comment makes more sense now. Not that I agree with it.

I think maybe stuff like this is could go on the list of what makes me shy away from femininity so often. I’m still trying to work out if I’m ‘gender-fluid’ or what, with my ‘guy brain’ and my lack of comprehension of so much of what it’s supposed to mean to be a woman. It’s always bugged me right from an incredibly early age that so much of how women are expected to act is a big bag of lying. Women are expected to be deceitful. We’re supposed to wear a false face, use sexual attractiveness or false emotions to manipulate, to lie to make everyone around us feel better about themselves. It’s early and I haven’t had coffee yet so I may not be phrasing this well, but from the age of ten or so I cued in to these ideas, and I feel like it created a wedge that’s driven me toward being ‘one of the guys’ ever since. Every lesson my mother taught me in what it means to be a woman made me want to be one less and less. And that’s worth paying attention to.


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