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We went to the zoo yesterday, and took fifty million photos. This is a photo post, because images speak better than words or some shit. The zoo has grown massively since I was there last, with a lot more animals and some major rearrangement. You can't reach the giraffes as well anymore, but there's still a lot of animals you're encouraged to feed. There's also this weirdass skyride thing, which we didn't go on primarily because it wasn't real trustworthy looking.
Yes Wendy, we did see the tigers, but they weren't doing a lot. There's one Wricks photo under the cut. I apologize to all others on dialup, but if we can suffer through this kind of stuff to see photos, so can you. They're really fantastic photos, I think. Lots of close up stuff.
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What I don't have photos of is the sloths, but I am seriously enamored of them. I've always liked sloths and there's a little dark building where they keep two of 'em with some bats. The last time we were there a couple years ago was the first time I saw them, and the first time I'd seen live sloths. There was something incredibly cool about seeing these mysterious furred shapes out there in the dark.
This time, one was next to the glass and moving. He was hanging by his back feet and scratching all over, and then he curled up and looked me over, and then tried to lick my hand through the glass. This was the coolest thing ever. I hung out there for a while, watching him watch me and try to figure out why he couldn't smell me through the glass.

So, very cool. Of course I worked today, which sucked because it was dead, but... sloth! So cool...
I'm gonna go sleep soon, because I work again tomorrow.
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New addition to the list of strays that have passed through the apartment. Friday afternoon I went to go to work, started up the car, saw something that looked like a cat shape standing on the curb at the corner but wasn't moving and dismissed it, then had to stop in the middle of the street because it did suddenly move and that involved running directly under my car. I swear he saw me looking at him through the windshield and decided I was the person to go to. When I stepped out the driver's side (trying not to have a heart attack), he ran out from under the car right up to my foot and squalled and waitied to be picked up. I had to re-park one-handed while he sat up against my chest.
Why did I dismiss the shape on the curb as a trick of my imagination until it moved? The mottled black and white shape was way too small to be a cat. I don't know how he saw me well enough to come straight to me, because his eyes were barely open. A couple phone calls later I was cleared to be late to work, and Ginny was informed. By the time I left for work an hour later, we'd realized he was going to be just fine because he was healthy enough to escape from a two-foot tall box roughly every five seconds and climb legs. The last kitten we rescued got nicknamed 'Lucky' until he got a permanant home (He has since been redubbed 'Otis' after Otis Redding and we've gotten progress photos that show him as a much bigger healthy ball of fluff), this one is apparently 'Lovie', because who can pass up the remark 'He's a very lovie little moggie'?
Lovie is currently sitting in GinnyBridgie's lap bathing himself after a meal, and he should be going to his new home sometime today. In one of those fantastic little coincidences, one of my coworkers has a daughter who's leaving home soon and was all set to go to the humane society to look for her own kitten. I wish them luck with the late night/early morning feedings until he's old enough to go a full night without attention. He's up from the 10 & 1/2 Oz he was Friday afternoon to about 12 & 1/2 Oz, weighings courtesy of Ginny's postage scale brought home from work.
Also, of course, Squeaks and Spider hate us right now, but that'll pass, just like it did with the previous stray kittens. I did wake in the middle of the night to find Squeaks curled up against my head purring, so she still loves me as long as I'm not looking.
Happy 4th of July people, have some kitten photos to go with your fireworks and barbecue.
That sounded kind of wrong.
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