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A day late, and the make up was a little shoddier on actual Halloween because I didn’t have much time after work. Used some hair gel that turned my hair into a solid hard helmet-y mass, but at least it washed out easy. Finally got the spine plackets on the vestback, made a fake pocket square, and fixed the hatband on my new hat. Then we all just hung around watching Silent Hill and gave out candy to the total of three groups that came to the door. Anyways, our new roomies have a proper Halloween cat and he hung out with us.

Now that my Spine costume is totally complete, I have nothing to do while wearing it.

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Still need a pocket square and a proper hatband, but we went to a Dia de los Muertos celebration/costume party today, and the performers pulled us into the photo session at the end, so we’re in a bunch of stranger’s photos with their kids, and I even helped hold a wheelchair for somebody for a photo. Had to beg a parent at the end of it all to take a photo with my own camera. When they first begged for us to come down and stand with them, they called me ‘Tin Man’. ;D

Took some photos with a sculpture at the arts center, then did a photo session in the backyard of our new house. Bridgie makes the most adorable witch! Her ‘throne’ is actually a firepit thing that came with the house…

And ended the day with dinner out (a waiter took our photos, too), and a milkshake, because The Spine likes ice cream.

And it’s not even Halloween just yet!
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More pics on Tumblr post here.
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Joined AO3 for this... my first SPG fanfic.
Elektric Encounter
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I keep having dreams about men who are ostensibly official repair.workmen coming to my private residence while I'm asleep and ogling me naked. This is really starting to creep me out, because it's such a realistic scenario and one that would occur while I'm asleep... and I keep dreaming it, so then I wake up feeling shaky and violated in my own bed. I don't know what's wrong with me.

In other news, things are fine except that I am currently obsessed with Steam Powered Giraffe and it is devouring my waking thoughts and making RP hard. I don't usually get obsessed with fandoms this badly, so I don't know what my problem is. I want to make an RP journal for the Spine and play him, but I've hard there are some weird bot RPers out there...

but then, they are all weird. Everybody is weird except The Spine and Steve. [x]

Oh god, help me.


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