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This still counts as November 30th damnit, just because I wanted to get in my Ratalicious twofer under the deadline for NaCreWHAMMO! Therefore I declare this an extension of November, and all time and reality shall bend to my will. Muahahahahaha!
I'm not sure why I've had Rat on the brain today, but why fight it. I know I would've gone insane from the pressure if I'd tried to do the Promptvember thing on DM, but inspiration struck and I got Morri's okay for some interesting plot ideas, so here's a little drabble thing on Rat's journal. For Dark City people, yes this is canon for him. There's greater implications at work here that may not be immediately obvious, but they'll show up eventually.
November Reminiscence
For those less interested in an inexplicable piece of writing, there's an inexplicable drawing. It came up in household conversation and Bridgie insisted a picture must be drawn, and it sounds like we might be doing a belated Thanksgiving RP, so here you have the scene that simply must be. I think Rat and JThorn would get along pretty well. Rat can put anybody at ease with a smile and a song, and they've both been on the streets and won't feel any kind of social class awkwardness with each other. Plus they have the same hat. That last part is coincidence, really. Anyways, here's the boys chilling on the porch and sharing a cigarette. Laugh at Rat's mismatched dweeby shoes! The only thing that gets me is the height disparity should probably be even bigger. There's something funny about all this since Rat is based off Thorn-mun in a lot of ways...
Picture under the cut )

Anyway, I stayed up late just to finish inking the damn thing. I do want to put in the rest of the porch and stuff eventually, but it's one in the AM now... so I'll bid November goodbye.

ETA: I feel compelled to add that I can in fact draw people with cheekbones that would not impale somebody, they just happen to both have that kind of face. JThorn looked much better pudgy, if you ask me.
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Okay, I'm not sure if dreams should count as Nacrewhamo material, but I took the time to type them up, so that's something. Feeling marginally better today. Less stabbing in the abdomen style pain and more of the usual low-grade obnoxiousness that men don't want to hear about. Aaanyways, posted these to the dream journal so I'm just gonna link. That I have dreams involving variations of my RP characters probably says a lot about me. Feel free to commence with the Jungian analysis.

This morning, [ profile] librarykeeper (The Librarian) as a slave.

Last month, just now typed up from notes scribbled down the morning after, [ profile] call_me_rat (Markus Rathbone AKA Rat) in post apocalyptic shit.

I'm still going back periodically in the dream journal and adding tags as patterns emerge. I accept suggestions and people are welcome to poke through there. I keep trying to subtly coaxe Bridgie into posting dreams there too.
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I'm posting something damnit. Today I'm pissy and in serious pain and I worked all day, and I get to work all day tomorrow feeling like this too. Whee. It's great to be a woman.
Yesterday after work and dinner, I cleaned. Because that's a great way to spend the evening. I did turn up this old sketch of Weech, and ran it through some photoshop filters to pretty it up.
Eat it. )
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ZOMG I missed it Happy Birthday Kat!!!
And Happy birthday to [ profile] cheezdanish for tomorrow! Here I thought October was the month for birthdays.
I've slacked on the posting and quite frankly I haven't done anything to post, between work and the holiday and... work. I'll try to get more stuff up between now and the last of the month but I just don't know. I work all day again tomorrow, and then I do errands and then I crash briefly and then dinner and then the day's over and it's time to get up and go to work again. It's important to get creative time in but sometimes I just can't get to it daily, no matter how much I want to, or when I do get time I'm too burned out to make it happen. I've had evenings I sit there for an hour and a half with blank paper and pencil and end up just wanting to kill something because I can't draw a damn thing. I had artistic block for over a year once, so it's still a very touch and go thing to me and I live in fear of that returning. It killed my self image. It tore me apart. If it takes not pushing to keep myself steady, then that's what I'll do.
However! I managed to do something today. Stockings! )

And to make up for the lack of posting, here's an icon meme from [ profile] revyrie. Some of us are too poor to pay for accounts we use for ourselves ([ profile] dirk__gently stays paid, oh yes he does), and can't stand the banner ads. I've only got the tightwad six, so I'll put 'em all up.
Icons and why )

I'll try to post again tomorrow, if I'm not dead by the time I get home from work and all.
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I wanted to post a few sketches to make up for my lack of posting, I really did, except that my scanner spontaneously decided it will not scan pencil. Half an hour of swearing at PS later, I still have scans that look like a blank white page. Wtf? The multiverse laughs at my feeble attempts to display productivity.
I have not given up on the watercolor of the Librarian and Weech, I just haven't had the time to sit down and make any significant progress on it. Watercolors demand a space to sit down in good lighting and work uninterrupted. Work is still kicking my ass, even though I had a day off at some point. I did work on the mad hatter drawing the other day, while in a waiting room. Whee.
Mad Tea Party progress )
I am tired. I know this because i am making so many typos it's not even funny. I'll try to post tomorrow, whenever I am not working, cleaning, or running errands.

Ugh. Hurt.

Nov. 16th, 2007 11:17 pm
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I would have loved to finish the underpainting on this, but it's late and I ache all over and I still might have to work tomorrow. I'm supposed to call in because it might be slow enough for me to skip out, so we'll see. Played the Librarian in the Nexus and got a response in the Laby comm, plus Janewt is kind enough to play with me. I'll need to catch up on those things tomorrow too but I think we're all going to try to have a kind of anti-internet day.

Hrm. I should've avoided the metallic silver paint in his hair. Looks weird.
image )
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This still counts for Thursday, damnit. I stayed up late finishing the first layer of colored pencil just so I'd have two things to post to make up for missing yesterday. I'm not really sure why this week has felt so overwhelmingly... overwhelming. I did a lot of moving the store around today, which included moving a bookshelf taller than me across the store, and switching a bunch of things across the store. I'm actually worried I might be coming down with something, because what's really been kicking my ass is that I've felt tired and sore and achey all week. Moving the bookshelf didn't help. Aaanyways, staying up until 1:00AM drawing isn't that helpful either.
You get a work in progress. I'll try to do this thing start to finish to show the process. I'm not sure if I'll do one more layer of other colors with pencils next, or just go straight to the watercolors.
Librarian and Weech )
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Got caught up on the Librarian sketch because his hands just... kill me. Why did I design his hands so weird? So instead I hunted down the one sketch I knew I'd done where he was holding a teacup and it looked right, which is what I need him to be doing in this one. In lieu of progress on the other sketch, you get the old drawing.
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Last minute posting again. We watched Labyrinth tonight and I got the Librarian on the brain again. I wanted to get this further along, but it's past 11:30 and I work opening shift tomorrow. He's meant to be talking to Weech and drinking a cup of tea, but... yeah. I think this is the first time I've ever drawn him smiling, poor guy.
Look quick or he'll be scowling again. )
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Not so much with the creative stuff today, So you get some hand sketches. Wheeeee hands.

Hands. )

Just didn't really get the chance to do much today.


Nov. 10th, 2007 07:59 pm
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Decent sketches today. I guess I was in a Crumrineriffic kind of mood. No Courtney or Aloysius, but we've got a pissy Fisher looking like the bastard scribbling of Toulouse-Lautrec, a very young kind of White Stag, and a random Persephone thingy. She's such a cute little old lady. Okay, so she only looks like she's in her forties, but she's technically older than Uncle A.

Uhhh... and a random happy skull. Because.
sketchpage )
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Wrote this a little while back, and I kept meaning to post it. Sung to the same tune as the 'No Coffee Blues', which is the same tune as every other silly blues song written by someone with little musical talent. You know the tune, it's the one that goes 'ba-da-da-dadum'.

No Real Excuse Blues

My cell phone battery's dead,
My car's almost outta gas,
Shoulda got some this weekend
But at almost three dollars I'll pass.
Got a steady job,
But they make me work for my pay.
I work until five,
But I had the day off yesterday.

Ain't got no rent overdue,
Got clothes on my back,
Got me a steady girlfriend,
But won't you cut me some slack?

My life's pretty easy,
I got the no real excuse blues.

I got no line of credit,
But I don't have any debt.
Have a couple pets and apartment,
It's all going well and yet,

My life's pretty easy,
I got the no real excuse blues.

Can't play the piano,
Guitar is too hard;
I keep up this harmonica,
and they'll throw me out into the yard.

My life's pretty easy,
I got the no real excuse blues.

The no real excuse blues.
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I can dance around like a freak too, chibified, even. Random sketchy thingy and OMG I need a haircut.
Will reply to all your kind words tomorrow...

sketchly me )
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Okay, finally finished the big Dirk picture. Please look on DA, here. It's up there anyway and I hate to fill up my domain space duplicating it. Thank you Donya, for giving me a reason to go back and finish it!


Nov. 6th, 2007 11:46 pm
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It's been a day. The boss got a new counter unit, used from... somewhere. The first thing on the to-do list was cleaning it, and that... took about two hours. In black dress pants and a white button-down shirt fresh from the laundry. I got a trashcan about a quarter full of damp paper towles that were absolutely black, I used so much goo-gone my fingers still smell like citrus, and I got the thing not clean so much as just clean enough that you're not afraid to touch it. I don't know where it'd been or what it was used for before...
The day just got more exhausting from there.
I sat down to draw tonight, but not much came out, and OMFG I'm late! It's 12:01! Crapmonkies.
Have some Thorn. Yes that is a nuddie Thorn. Sans... markings. Yeah, I don't know why, just sketching. Basically what happens with this NaNoWhaMo thing is that you get to see my craptastic random sketches that normally I might just discard.
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Whooo. I feel like most of the day was errands, but packages are shipped, rent is paid, videos returned, bills mailed, and I finally got my other b'day gift from where it's been sitting at the P.O. I am now the owner of the latest DiscWorld novel, 'Making Money', even though I haven't read the one that comes before it. I never was much for reading a book series in order. I meant to finish up a specific picture today, but now that the day's winding down, all I want to do is read my new book, so screw it.
On that note...
Here's Dirk sort of throwing his hands up in disgust, or at least generally trying to disassociate himself from something unpleasant. I haven't made him more icons in a while, so I need to gather a few more expressions and set them down. I always prefer to have three or four Dirk pictures so I can color them in a batch. You can look at his icons and tell which were batch colored together because of the hideous shirt and tie colors.

I had nothing to do with it! )
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Blergh. Working on different bits of artness, but today was busy. Here you get a sketch for a work in progress. I want to do an art noveau style picture of Persephone Falcone, all flowing hair and shit, with her pet snake in the background and ribbon around the window, yoinking the guts out of a bird for haruspicy.
Why yes I am a freak thanks.

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Got all ready and tried to mail stuff off today, and failed because the post office was closed. Their hours on the door were listed Saturday: AM- PM
Real helpful guys. If you're closed Saturday could you just put 'closed' after it, like you did for Sunday? Wtf?
Got my package from Donya just before I ran to work yesterday, which is why the mailing had to wait... I has a monkey! And a stikfas. I put him together, and I can see the extra chest and arm pieces are for if you get little accessories, but there's also these two pieces the instructions say to put together, and they're just floating beside the figure in the diagram. I put them together. It looks like an extra pelvis, but doesn't give any options his original pelvis doesn't have. This inspired a discussion of why somebody would need an extra pelvis, but... yeah. What is this thing supposed to be?

Courtney's party post is tonight, for the RPers. This also means the keyboard is in high demand, so I'm sitting here rushing this post but I won't be on the rest of the night.
We went and saw the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. OMFG that was expensive, but so worth it! I noticed so many details I never had before, like the gatekeeper, and the one monster's tentacles in curlers at the end where everyone got woken up. OMGOMG! I realized that I do indeed know every damn line in that movie. It was so amazing, I think I fell in love with the movie all over again. I went to it just when it was new, you see, and ran to get the soundtrack after being let out of the theatre. I was thrilled to go see it with a friend instead of my parents, at the time, which says just how damn long ago that was. My original ticket is still in the CD case. Wow.
Soooo in honor of that, I give you a sketch I actually did just before Hallowe'en, for the fanart project. I think I'll be working on ocloring it tonight... after I take down the Hallowe'en decorations. :P

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Nov. 2nd, 2007 03:37 pm
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Lulz. Every household should have someone who will dance around in the kitchen like a freak.
This has so many proportion problems and I don't even care.

Your crappy sketch of the day. )

Must run to work.
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Okay, just in under the wire, but I'm posting something today, damnit! It is crapolicious. I still owe many people birthday art. This is a drop in an ocean.
Artness )
Yeah, the shirt there is supposed to have 't-shirt' crossed out and replaced with 'nervous breakdown'. Thorn's face looks a little wonky in the wide shot. Incidentally, although I draw Thorn plenty, I think he's one of the hardest characters to draw. He's got those weirdly set eyes with the almost hidden eyelids, and I can't remember why. I'm probably the one who designed him that way, and then heart shaped faces always give me trouble, and... yeah.

In other news, this from Donya:
Reply to this and I will...
1)Tell you why I friended you.
2)Associate you with a song/movie.
3)Tell a random fact about you.
4)Tell my first memory of you.
5)Associate you with an animal/fruit.
6)Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7)In return, you must post this in your lj.

WTF: In other other news, I got my new debit card from the lovely bank people. They neglected to send me the pin change, though. They did actually change my pin, they just didn't bother to tell me what it's changed to. Today I got a guy on the phone, who helpfully 'activated' my new card.
Bankman: So it's fully activated now, and we'll get the pin change sent to you in seven to ten business days.
Me: Sooo, in the meantime, will the card work with my old pin?
Bankman: ...No. You'll have to wait for the new pin information.
Me: Why didn't I get it before now? They said they were sending it when they sent the new card.
Bankman: My records don't show the pin ever being sent.
Me: Oh...
Bankman: But your card is active now. Was there anything else I could help you with today ma'am?
Me: No... no. I don't think there is.


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