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Belated, but here's my monster day drawings! I actually came up with this guy months back, but his original design just had too much going on, so I never even uploaded the sketches. Yesterday and today I worked on the cuter, more simplified version you see here: click for drawings )
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Need to crash, it ended up being a long day and tomorrow will be too, we've got a petsitting job that makes for awkward hours. Anyways! At least this year I managed a contribution to Monster-gras or something. I'm tired and my brain is fuzzier than this guy. Best not to ask how he snagged that bra, but I think he's had a good time.
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Today's been busy, or I would've posted this morning. After four months of waiting, and a lot of contacting other places that told me they always just sent people to the four months waitlist place, I had a therapist appointment. She didn't tell me I'm not effed up enough for them to bother with, and I have another appointment, so that right there leaves me feeling more optimistic.

For anyone who didn't know it, today is MONSTER DAY! See here for some fun links from the founder of Monster day, but it involves buying discount valentine candy and watching monster movies, and drawing monsters. This is a combination that cannot possibly go wrong. I don't think I ever got around to drawing any last year, but this year damnit I plan to.

Edit for monster linkage:
Top 10 movie monsters
Bottom 5
Lots more movie monsters
Inflatable monsters
I don't even know WTF this is. But I loled so hard.
And! Whose Line monsters!

In other art news, finished Mephron's commission last night. Click for bigger image/link to DA.


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