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I meant to post this a few days back, since I dreamed it I think Saturday night? For the record, I haven't watched all that much 30 Rock...

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I think the laugh track woke me up groaning... I rarely dream about TV, but every now and again my brain tries to concoct a whole episode for me to watch in my sleep, maybe because it thinks I don't spend enough time watching TV during the week? We turn the TV on maybe once a week, seriously. It's just not worth it. I watch more TV at the pretty girl's parent's house, because they have cable, although I usually try to find Mythbusters there.

Aaanyways! I apologize to anyone who just read the above dream. If you want something that might actually be funny, this morning somebody in the Endless Forest community linked this and I'd be happy to see other people's stuff, if just to erase the dream from my mind. That zipper... oh god.

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Hunh. Must've been an LOL. Dirk should know better than to eat things left lying around the Nexus.
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Okay kiddies, doing this here to keep it all central or something, and because I know most of my RP buddies also read this journal. Post what and who and I'll write a little thingie. Ficlet? Aren't drabbles technically 100 words? I'm not that exacting. Active (as much as any of my RP chars are active these days) pups are [ profile] dirk__gently, [ profile] maylookatkings, [ profile] call_me_rat, [ profile] greyedwhite, [ profile] thrasherpunk, and intermittently [ profile] agoodfellow and [ profile] flyhighthing. If that's not enough characters for you, I'm scared, but ask for somebody off the record or something and I can probably accommodate.

1. Playful!
2. Murderous!
3. Flailing!
4. Incarcerated!
5. Deviant!
6. Ill!
7. Intoxicated!
8. Wildly Inappropriate!
9. Eloquent!
10. Cooking!
11. Over-protective!
12. Wanker!
13. Silly!
14. Romantic!
15. Silent-Treatment!
16. Bedtime!
17. Jealous!
18. Inquisitive!
19. Confused!
20. Sexy!
21. Angry!
22. Dorky!
23. Working!
24. Needs-a-Hug!
25. Choose-your-own
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Here's an RP meme which I want all my friends to do so we can be cool kids too.
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[ profile] dragonwhishes, [ profile] placeboweek, [ profile] the_wugglyump, [ profile] morripede, [ profile] shadowtricker, [ profile] mephron, & [ profile] amethystlight.
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This is from [ profile] placeboweek and if anyone else wants questions, post here and I'll try to come up with something.

1. Any big art projects planned for this year?
Apart from this sketch a day thing? Because that's big. As art-oriented as I am, I'm very bad at just sketching. I draw nearly everything with a finished work in mind. This is because I have a catalogue of finished artwork that sits in my head, all the time. Some of these images of finished pieces have been in my head for more than ten years. Not many, but a few. I know what medium they need to be, and I do not forget them ever. I've never tried counting how many are in the list, because it might scare me into gibbering in a corner somewhere eating pencils. Soooo... the sketch a day thing, at the least, and I'm always whittling away at that list in my head.
But! Bridgie is converting her NaNovel into comic book format and storyboarding it, and we're intending for me to do the art, so we'll see if that flies. That would be big. I'm supposed to set up the website for it too. I'll keep you guys posted.
2. What's your favorite restaurant?
I'm pretty simple, Arby's and Subway are good everyday type favorites. There is this amazing Japanese place I haven't been to in forever though. It's hibachi on one side, and sushi on the other, and expensive on both sides. Plus you really need a good group for hibachi.
3. Who is your favorite Whose Line Is It Anyway? cast member?
I've always really liked Ryan Stiles, or maybe it's just that it cracks me up that he looks a little like Shad, but what I really like is Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie together because they have this unspoken communication that makes things really work, and makes it all the funnier when it misses. (Aaaaaaa tern? An arctic tern?) So does the two-headed monster of comedy work?
I used to want to be a comedian, from as young as I can remember to about the beginning of high school, so I tend to really analyze performances and why they work or don't.
4. What animal would you consider getting as a pet (aside from the ones you already have)?
We're down to just cats at the moment, as my fishtank is sitting upstairs empty of all but gravel and piratical decorations. I keep meaning to get it running again and maybe try cichlids. I think oscars look neat. We've talked about maybe getting a ball python someday. I like snakes and lizards and always wanted one as a kid, but after having a boyfriend with a Savannah Monitor lizard I've decided if I ever have a lizard it has to be a vegetarian kind like a beardie or iguana. I don't mind the live feeding in the least, that's cool to watch, but it's so damn expensive. You either have to always be buying feeders, or have a breeding pit, and then that can attract pests. Too much trouble. I guess that doesn't bode well for the ball python idea either.
5. Who would win in the following fight: pirates vs. monkeys
Oh man! That's a tough one... are the monkeys ninjas? Because one of the pictures on the mental list is of ninja monkeys.
I'd have to say if we're going for realism, probably the monkeys because they're more agile and squirrelly and faster. It's hard to catch this little scrambling thing if you're reeling around on a peg leg with only one eye or something, too. ;D

and on to the sketch of the day... )

That's all I got for today...
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OMG you guys!!!

I've never had anything featured like this before! Obviously I need to crank out the steampunk stuff, between the jackrabbit, and the steampunk gargs is my most popular piece... Just wow. Well that's my ego boost for the month.

ETA: Character meme is contagious. Read more... )
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The big joint Valentine's Day gift thing was to go see Coraline 3D, which I was beginning to fear we'd have to just skip completely, which is a terrible thing to think when you've been looking forward to the movie for over a year. It was awesome. I was a little worried, since the movie includes a character that doesn't exist in the book, and despite that, it still followed the book pretty closely. I can't even figure out how that's possible, but go figure! We'll have to buy it on DVD someday. Now I'm going to start looking forward to The Graveyard Book movie, which should give me a couple years of expectation.

TODAY IS MONSTER DAY! Obey the Tod. I'm probably just doing random catch-up drawing today, because I'm not sure if I'm any good at drawing monsters, but there are lots of people doing Monster Day commissions. If you want some monsters, and have a little cash, and don't draw yourself, visit:
and Purpurealuna

Apparently for those of real connections instead of sad dialup, there is Monster Day Radio which, despite the thing about October on there, is apparently running today.

Of course we owe the existence of Monster Day to [ profile] ninjahijinx!

I think we're gonna do Tremors marathon tonight. We also have this amazing find of a book called 'Monsters' and written by Vincent Price and his son. No lie. It was a find at the local pawn shop/used bookstore we love.

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Me again!

Feb. 12th, 2009 09:09 am
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Lookit that, it's me posting again!
There is totally some meme in existence where you post song lyrics and then other people have to guess the song, right? There totally is. I know there is. I always suck at guessing when other people do it, and then people guess mine really easy but I am so totally going to do that anyway. Can I say totally again? I totally can.
These will probably be easily guessed, because they're lyrics that jump out at me in those songs, and then I'll be annoyed I'm so easy to guess. Again. They'll also reveal my taste in music is freaking old.

1. His hair was perfect
2. electric camel guitar
3. put your raygun to my head
4. bang bang on the door
5. vaccuum cleaner sucks up Benji! AwooooOWWW!
6. if you're Rin-Tintin or Anne Boelynn
7. It's only castles burning
8. We must try to shake it down, do our best to break the ground
9. Chestnut brown canary
10. ...a bottle and a cork, that's the way you spell New York.

Family memebers only allowed to post to tell me which ones they can't figure out.

Last night I wrote with a pen without having a giant rubbery grip made out of hairbands on it (don't laugh), so today I'm going to try drawing some. There's this whole extremely late comission... plus my creative output will never, ever be able to match the mass of ideas in my head. My drawing ideas do not go away until I draw them. They just don't. I have pictures composed in my head that have been hanging around since at least high school, still waiting to be drawn. No joke. In the meantime, I colored a couple Dirk pics somewhere in the midst of the Demon Hound chapter illos, and just got them uploaded yesterday. Dirk Gently lounging on a Nexus couch, and chatting with Fiver. His head is proportionately bigger in the Fiver one, and it makes him look more cartoony and marginally less overweight and just generally cuter. I think I prefer that. Note to self.
Okay, off to draw some, and muddle my way slowly through this artist's market guide.
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Yeeeeagh sorry about that guys, I was devoured by the holidays, but to start the post is a meme because I think I should do this one every year.

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So yeah, I'd say between job loss and art, the year evens out to just be okay, but that's really all I ask for right now.

So to catch up. Christmas! I was going to post the big news and never did. I was going to point out that this year, as an early Christmas gift, I got a car. Now before you get excited, this would be the same car I've been driving for the past three years, the 1984 Chevy not-as-big-a-boat-as-everyone-thinks-it-is. But hey, with the reworked transmission and all, it should go a few more years. This was, sadly, inspired by the accident this past fall. The insurance suddenly claimed they were surprised the car was being driven by someone other than the person who owned it and had the insurance and all, despite the fact he's been very, very up front about it from day one, to the point of asking them if it was okay and telling them I had it. Whatever, insurance and car are now both in my name, and I did not pay a cent for it. That's a pretty major gift, and I'm grateful for it.
To amplify this extreme generosity, which comes from Bridgie's dad, he has just recently come into some inheritance money. I don't know how much, but this man is so awesome, that he is paying our rent this month, and buying us the entirety of Fraggle Rock on DVD. One practical gift and one that's just fun and awesome, I guess. This man in a saint. Even if I am never allowed to mention the nature of my relationship with Bridgie in his presence, he remains the most amazing father-in-law I could hope for.

I got other good stuff for Christmas, money's tight of course, but we managed to make things look pretty full under the tree anyway. I still owe some gift art, which I'm working on. I got lots of cool books, including finally Neverwhere. I've had the DVD for years and years, and saw it way back when it premiered on TV in the U.S. over a decade ago, but never read the book. The recent C&V in the Nexus made me want to. I'm glad I have it, there's a lot of nice details and insight to the characters. I kind of miss the book opening, and the way it ties in to the end, and it's a shame that's just chopped away from the TV version. I got an awesome pop-up art book thing I'm at a loss to describe, but it's called Botticelli's Bed & Breakfast by Jan Pienkowski, and I opened it and sat there pointing out most of the pieces of art before finding there was a little guide to tell the non-art majors what they all are, and then being prodded to get on with opening presents. We've also gone to see the garden lights about three or four times, got Nutcracker ticekts at the last minute and saw that, and visited Bryan park a lot, and RPed a lot, all because Bridgie's on vacation. I feel like the vacation is almost a gift, because I miss her more now that I'm out of work and home without her so much.
Our New Year's Eve was pretty uneventful, and Bridgie goes back to work tomorrow, so I feel like things are winding down. Hopefully I won't be too down tomorrow, when we get shoved back into the work year and all. Hopefully somebody good will hire me soon.

I hope everybody's had a good Christmas/Hannukkah/Kwanzaa/Feast of St. Stephen/Solstice/whatever, and I wish you all the best of things for the new year!

XMas meme

Dec. 15th, 2008 10:36 am
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There are so many other things I need to do right now, like dishes and unemployment and job hunting and gift making, but I'm taking a few minutes to dink around the net anyway. ;)
Meme stolen from [ profile] revyrie
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EditEditEdit: Now New and Improved with Question #13! Also lower in fiber and sodium! 13. Do you hang up your stocking?:
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We vote at an elementary school, in the gym. As of 6:30 this morning, the line wrapped, as near as I could tell, around the outside of the gym and back to then loop around the interior walls of a massive room next to the gym.
I was only acting as a driver, because I have to leave at 7:30 to do kidsitting. I can't get to the polls until around 1:00PM and when I saw the line I figured no way would I make that in time. It was almost 7:00 by the time I'd circled the block to find parking. I don't find it consoling that my puppeteer friends, who share my political views, will be in the same boat. Only, y'know, with kids to complicate the day.


So! You see me in the back of a police cruiser. What was I arrested for?
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You know, i really don't know why I'm posting, because I may not be coherent right now. Got up at 3:30AM this morning to go do a shadow puppet workshop with Heidi, up in the D.C. area. It was technically VA but we passed the monument and the Iwo Jima memorial not far from the school. Heidi performed the Galapagos George show twice in a row in the morning, and after lunch we ran around and did this workshop for three different first grade classes in a row. I watched the kids some, which she'll be paying me to do next week, OMFG babysitting Yaigh! Kids smell fear!!! Her older daughter, Thea, just turned 8 and really doesn't scare me at all. She used to, but I was around her so much when we built and then performed the Baobab tree show that I actually know her and it's all good. She seems to like me fine, begging me to sit with her and make shadow puppets with her and all. But Tegwyn... Oh gods. She wasn't like an actual human being before, since it was all spit-up and laying on the floor and stuff before. Now she's approaching Two and walks and talks but is mostly incomprehensible. Two is an awkward age to me, because she's got a will of her own but still can't communicate clearly and is fond of screaming when she's tired or upset. She seems to be pretty happy overall, and it'll be brief babysitting during puppet shows, so it shouldn't be too awful. I honestly hadn't seen her since she started becoming cognizant, but she went from hiding behind Heidi in the morning to trying to climb on me and put food in my mouth by lunchtime, so I think she's cool with me. Unfortunately she's still in diapers and thinks peek-a-boo is the greatest game ever. In the car on the way back, after about Twenty 'Where's the baby? There she is!' Heidi turned to me and said, 'The thing about little kids is you basically have to give up all hope of intellectual discourse.' ;)

Puppet show workshop I could babble on about, but I've already done that aloud, so... yeah. We had five different sea creatures to choose from, but in every class about half the kids chose the shark, and then we had to spend a lot of time convincing them to do something other than make them all eat each other during their turns at the shadow screen. Also I cannot believe how many kids could not comprehend 'tape down the short end of the bendy straw...' I mean there was more to the instructions than that, and lots of walking around helping, but oh gods. The short end. The end that is shorter. No, the other end... Ah well. Other than that they mostly did pretty well, and a lot of times they had the metal brad for the hinge thing worked out before we explained it. I just don't get how they could work that out themselves and still not understand which end of the straw is shorter.

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Right. I am so running on empty. Going to bed.
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Got up earlier than usual this morning to drive Bridgie in to work, but before that I was having a dream on crack. After some analysis, the overall dream isn't too crackmonkeyish, but there's one specific glaring feature that makes me go bzuh.

Starts out mundane... )
Wait for it... )
Wait for it..... )
There! )
Go ahead, try and tell me that wasn't weird.

Meme yoinked from [ profile] revyrie Read more... )

Anyway, Mel and her mom are coming... tomorrow? Oh geez. And I have commissions I should really be working on, and what am I doing dinking around online?

I also called the VCU Dental school, and I shouldn't have worried about it conflicting with jury duty. Because it is a Dental school, and the students need to get settled in to the fall semester, their earliest available appointment is Nov. 5th. Crap. I scheduled it anyway. I hope I don't get too desperate before then.
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Job-hunting unfortunately means a lot of keeping the phone line open, but seeing as I'm currently sending out emls to reply to ads...

depressing )

On a lighter note for your entertainment, here's some stuff found in the job ads:


Help Desk
(standard requirements blah blah blah...) Must have secret clearance.

Christ the King seeks admin to...

On the meme front, yoinked from [ profile] amethystlight
Ask any of my characters anything with any of your characters or however that meme goes.

I'll list the characters who can be questioned. You can ask questions with either your own RP characters or as yourself. You're welcome to question characters I don't play online if you're familiar with them, though. ;)
Character list on LJ:
Dirk Gently [ profile] dirk__gently
Markus Rathbone [ profile] call_me_rat
Silens [ profile] greyshade
Terrence Coleburn [ profile] t_coleburn
Fisher [ profile] maylookatkings
The Librarian [ profile] librarykeeper
Owen Burnett [ profile] agoodfellow
Tyldak [ profile] flyhighthing
Persephone Falcone [ profile] bitterseeds
Damien Stockholm [ profile] d_stockholm (Retired on LJ)

I'll re when I'm not worried about incoming phonecalls and when we're not being hit with a thunderstorm, which may be a narrow timeframe but we'll see. I'm off to try to finish up Janewt's commission, which is very close to done. Thanks to everybody making helpful comments!
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Busy weekend... I feel like a regular socialite, with everyone calling me on the phone with sympathy. I got emls from some of my coworkers of OMG you're gone we'll miss you, and a coworker-turned-buddy called me and offered resume help and all. Thank you to everyone being supportive. I really am surprisingly okay. Just... moving on.
We finally got a new computer chair, that is to say an actual computer chair, with the swivelly and the going up and down bits and maybe certain people will stop complaining about being too tall for the chair when in front of the comp now.
Finished the commission for Mephron, of his fantastic character Azure Blade. You can find character info on his LJ here.
Lots of talking on the phone.

From [ profile] dragonfare

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.
1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them ;-)

And I liked the idea that you could strikethrough the books that you hated, so I did.
Read more... )

She and I got into talking over it, because we're not sure what the criteria are. There are so many classics and classic authors completely missing from the list, and then this clearly isn't the top most read or they wouldn't be complaining so many people haven't read them...

Anyway, today is for working on the resume, I'm too lazy to find the tilde for an LJ entry, and I have today left to finish my MGC entry, so we'll see if that happens.
The commission information is still all valid and go and feel free to keep pointing people to that! Thank you to everyone who has! It sounds like I've gotten more work in the 'other' field of commissions, and that's perfectly cool too. I've had jobhunts that lasted long enough to drain my savings before, and I'm remarkably low on savings this time, since the job ended unexpectedly. Income during this time will keep me from flailing at you all going OMG we can't pay the bills. You are all wonderful people for sympathy and art requests.
Have a good Monday!
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I haven't posted partly because I don't like to spill angst all over this journal. I've been stressed, and a large reason has been financial. I thought I knew how much money I had in the bank, paid off my Sprint bill that was past due, and made a couple other minor purchases (lunch, gas for the car). The next thing I knew I was overdrawn, and with the overdraft fees I was almost $150 in debt to the bank. I'm not financially savy or numbers savy, I have a math disability, so I was beating myself up for thinking I had more money than I did and getting myself into trouble. My tax refunds came through and saved my ass, but still.
This morning the chick that does payroll at work informed me that the bank had taken the last paycheck I deposited, and handed it straight back to the issuer. They deposited my entire paycheck to my employer.
If I'd had my paycheck, I would've had the money I counted on being there, and never been overdrawn.
The good news is that my coworker who does payroll must've said the right things. They sent an employee physically down to the store (we're in the same shopping center) with all the carbon copies of paperwork for the corrections. I get my paycheck back, and my overdraft fees.

I should probably take it as some kind of sign that I was so willing to beat myself up and assume the mistake was mine. Aaanyway.
personality quiz )

Working on arts. Rly.


May. 3rd, 2008 08:37 pm
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Random meme from Kat...
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In other news, saw Iron-Man today and it was awesome! I was dubious when I first heard the casting, but Robert Downey Jr was perfect! Eheh, who knew he could play an alcoholic asshole...
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Hunh. Well this is interesting. Somebody re to it please? Anybody?

Check my fandoms, my favorite characters, the pairings I like the most, my kinks, my fictional crushes, anything. Now, in a friendly and possibly teasing way, point out the obvious and not so obvious trends or fetishes you see in my tastes. Maybe I'm nuts for all vampire stories, or have a thing for men in glasses, or I'm fond of kick-ass women, or scary-ass geeks. Let's point out all of those you've noticed I tend to squee about during our friendship.

Interest list ctrl+c+v for the lazy:
alto sax, animatronics, anime, art, art history, bellingham, blues, blues brothers, books, brian froud, canti, celtic music, celtic stuff, coffee, comics, courtney crumrin, cowboy bebop, creativity, cthulu, cyberpunk, dark chocolate, dave mckean, dead kennedys, deviantart, dice, dirk gently, discworld, douglas adams, drawing, dreams, fantasy, flcl, gargoyles, geology, gir, gorillaz, gurps, harry potter, highlander, hitchhiker's guide, html, indigo girls, information society, invader zim, jazz, jeff greer band, jim henson, johnny lang, labyrinth, mechanical pencils, mirrormask, mst3k, muppets, music, mythology, neil gaiman, nostalgia, ocean, open-mindedness, paul kidby, pirates, poison elves, prismacolors, punk, puppetry, puppets, queen, reading, red dwarf, role-play, rowlf the dog, rpg, sam vimes, sandman, sci-fi, seal, singing, slayers, solitude, stan getz, sting, stones, stop-motion animation, stories, storyteller, swing, terry pratchett, the clash, the dark crystal, the dreaming, the endless, the vandals, they might be giants, tim burton, toys, ursula vernon, william gibson, wind, words, world creation, wylde nept.


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