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So, cut because this is mostly for my own amusement, opening of the first entry of each month for the year. Hmm... )

Hunh. So, a cycle of mild depression and not posting much on here, more on FB because it's quick and easy and stupid. All that overshadowed in the last part by my grandmother. She's... actually apparently had a good Christmas/holidays, in the sense that she's talking a little more and knows where she is most of the time again. They were also talking about calling in hospice, just before that, so we're kind of thinking this is her last push to have a good holiday... Dunno. The thing about having somebody take such a long slide toward the end is it does weird things to the grieving process.

I'm a little surprised how little art seems to have been posted this year. Must try to fix that. Hello 2011, I'm hoping this is the year I get a damn job again, and... I don't know, really, that looms so big in my mind that I can't wish for much else. Not realistically.

I wish all my friends the best for the new year, though.
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So somehow I got swept away from the world a little before Thanksgiving, and short status updates on FB has been my main mode of communication with the world.
Okay, that and RP. Lots of RP.

Still frantic as we work our way down to the zero hour of Xmas and I'm flailing a little because there were so many things I wanted to make, but I haven't been able to get time to myself to work on them, and I've been working at Umami coffee and tea a lot which is good, even if it is inconsistent work and I'm not technically an employee. I hope all of you are feeling like you're close to ready, because the best part of Christmas (apart from Christmas morning and actually watching family open the gifts you carefully picked out and scraped and saved to afford), is that brief peace beforehand when you're done, everything's wrapped, you can sit back and anticipate their reactions. I don't get that every year, but I think it's something we should all strive for. There should be a cut-off point, a moment where you decide you're done, and anything unfinished you can give a verbal rain-check for.

Because all of that is better to focus on than the frustration that we couldn't do the Angel Tree again this year, or that we've been outright too busy or too exhausted to make it to church. It's a lot better to focus on then whether or not my grandmother will make it through Christmas, because she's going by inches, but we don't know how many of them, and they're calling in hospice for her. Every time I hear about her my stomach clenches and I cry not for the family she leaves behind, but for her, because she's living out everyone's worst nightmares right now.

So I approach Christmas with a frothy blend of stress, excitement, crafting, and a longing for a small space of peace and calm.

Found this the other night, after Bridgie asked me what my favorite Christmas special was, growing up.

The other parts should be easily reachable through there...

Wishing everyone happy holidays, and your own little space of peace and calm.

Edit: A bonus for those of you feeling less than optimistic this time of year.


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