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Well, the kitty has a mild temperature, although she's actually a little improved from yesterday. What I hadn't said on here before, and I hope it won't bother people, but there's some possibility she was already pregnant when they spayed her. She wouldn't have been very far along and certainly the overtaxed humane society doesn't need another litter of kittens to try to place, but the upshot is this would have taxed her immune system even more than just a standard spay procedure.

She was given a subcutaneous fluid injection at the vet, and we have antibiotic pills for her for ten days. Even further illustrating her sweet nature, while she did sort of try to slither away off the table she never once complained or struggled, even while sitting with the IV under her skin. She actually interfered with the vet listening to her lungs a little- by purring.

Considering my older cat, who I adored and still do, was trying to tear the vets a new one even in the later stages of the tumor, I was more than a little surprised.

So the good news is she should be feeling better in a few days. The bad news is without an exam fee because she's a new adoption, the bill was $70.00
I raided my secret stockpile of dollar coins yesterday and turned those in but it only came to $28.00 so the rest we paid by check. That's $42.00 we do not have. We don't want to bounce the check, and I'm going to have to borrow money from somebody to prevent that, but that just puts the debt somewhere else. It would really help us out if anybody seeing this could at least check out our Etsy shop or consider commissioning me for artwork of any kind! Please, we're in really desperate straights here, spending money we don't have on a sick kitty. Anything would help. Comment here, there, anywhere. Or if you want to be an angel, I guess you could just donate, so I'll put that option here, but I'd rather give people some art for their money, really.

On a mostly unrelated note, Tod linked me to a little contest that's a fundraiser for spay/neuter day for animals, so I've entered Squeaks as a memorial entry, and you can vote for her here! I set Richmond Prevent-A-Litter to get funding if she wins.


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