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Just wanted to spread the word about Tod's icon day! he draws amazingly awesome icons and you should totally give him tips to support this!
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So I meant to post some of my 365 art here before now, for those who might not be following my stuff anywhere else. Or something. Anyway, I may still, later. The project has been devouring my life and I'm not quite sure if it's supposed to or not. Today's project is so incredibly goofy yet entertaining that I'm linking it here, just because. Full blog entry is here.

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So I went looking for MST3K fan communities to promote Bridgie's awesome Torgo doll and ran across this piece of sheer awesome geekery:

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Is it silly that I'm slightly jealous there's an MP3 Player shuffle meme going around, and mine is noe pretty much worthless? I think I forgot to mention that on here. annoyed ramble )

Anyways, jobhunting and art commissions today. I called in Friday night and didn't have to do anything, but I get to call in on Jury duty again tonight and every weeknight for the next two weeks, so that's a little stressy. On the one hand I hope someone wants to interview me for a job, on the other hand I don't dare schedule an interview because what if I have to go in that day? I won't know until the night before.

Wacky funtimes, because it's needed.
[ profile] cheezdanish made a post of this and I'm sharing the luff, because. Hitler on the Universal City Studios park.

This is effing awesome, for anyone who didn't catch it on WTF Nature. You should totally listen to these, but be warned some of them are NSFW. Hilarious anyway. I especially love Val, which sounds like a children's storybook. Follow the link for explanation and a neat cover by Edward Gorey.
We haven't listened to all of them yet but what we did hear left us dying of laughter in some cases, others just made us go wow.

I think that's it for now. Working on commissions but one's not quite finished and another is done but it was a birthday surprise and I don't want to post it until at least tomorrow because of that.

ETA: For all who didn't hear it, I got the answer back and I do get unemployment. Not knowing quite how you messed up doesn't count as misconduct. ;)


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