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I keep having dreams about men who are ostensibly official repair.workmen coming to my private residence while I'm asleep and ogling me naked. This is really starting to creep me out, because it's such a realistic scenario and one that would occur while I'm asleep... and I keep dreaming it, so then I wake up feeling shaky and violated in my own bed. I don't know what's wrong with me.

In other news, things are fine except that I am currently obsessed with Steam Powered Giraffe and it is devouring my waking thoughts and making RP hard. I don't usually get obsessed with fandoms this badly, so I don't know what my problem is. I want to make an RP journal for the Spine and play him, but I've hard there are some weird bot RPers out there...

but then, they are all weird. Everybody is weird except The Spine and Steve. [x]

Oh god, help me.
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I meant to post this a few days back, since I dreamed it I think Saturday night? For the record, I haven't watched all that much 30 Rock...

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I think the laugh track woke me up groaning... I rarely dream about TV, but every now and again my brain tries to concoct a whole episode for me to watch in my sleep, maybe because it thinks I don't spend enough time watching TV during the week? We turn the TV on maybe once a week, seriously. It's just not worth it. I watch more TV at the pretty girl's parent's house, because they have cable, although I usually try to find Mythbusters there.

Aaanyways! I apologize to anyone who just read the above dream. If you want something that might actually be funny, this morning somebody in the Endless Forest community linked this and I'd be happy to see other people's stuff, if just to erase the dream from my mind. That zipper... oh god.

I'll try a drabble with Dirk for the lulz... )

Hunh. Must've been an LOL. Dirk should know better than to eat things left lying around the Nexus.
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Okay, I said I'd update with art, but I'm too lazy and distracted to scan right now. Instead I was inspired by a weirdshit dream this morning to work on dream journal updates. I've been working hard on the dream journaling actually, writing up a lot of older dreams from my childhood that I still remember, scanning childhood dream illustrations. These are mostly more recent dreams, in the sense that they happened when I was basically an adult. Next dream update will be all childhood stuff.
First dream in the list, this morning's adventure. The thing that wacks me out about dreams is that I am a very creative person, I expose myself to all kinds of art from the fluffy to the morbidly bizarre, movies, illustrations, comics, books, museum art, etc. With all that I come up with, I could not make this shit up. I mean, seriously. WTF subconsious??

Okay, old and random and short: Strange neighborhood. I think I've had a lot of dreams where it's set in a familiar neighborhood only not quite right, and I think that's a common thing for all people. I do wonder why.

This was almost set in this empty lot of woods in our neighborhood: Alien mother.

I've made passing reference to the 'bad cats dreams' in the dream journal before, but I can't separate one from another well enough to describe them individually. Instead here is a detailed explanation.

On the more creative front, sometimes my dreams inspire characters. The Amoyé came to me in a dream, and to this day I have no idea why that name. If you don't know what I'm talking about, there are some sketches here and of the character inspired by it all, Melene. Here's the original dream.

And this one's a doozy, I posted this before but didn't link it and kept it friendslocked. Now I can't remember why, except that I'd like to illustrate it eventually. It's an amazing dream with some really interesting symbolism. Two white stags.

I like to share my subconscious.
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I haven't been sleeping real well since the fender bender, which is not aided by things like cat antics and dreams like these.
Why yes I do have unresolved issues.

These kind of set my frame of mind for a Monday when I need to call to find out information about my traffic ticket, in addition to the usual jobhunting. Tomorrow the estimator gets a look at the car to tell us whether or not insurance will pay for the turn signal and glove compartment door. If not we'll just have to get it fixed at our own expense, because the hell if we're scrapping the car.

For the sake of happy funtimes, there's some art. I think I posted the white stag digital painting in progress before, and I've officially given up on it. I might still do that painting, but I'll be starting over from scratch. This is a better progression thingy if anyone is curious.
This has been hanging around waiting for me to finish it for months, and it was going to be a Monthly Gargoyles Contest entry, on the subject of paper dolls. Too much to do that month and started too late I guess. This probably isn't as entertaining if you don't know the characters, but I know at least a couple people on my Flist do. Feel free to print 'em out.
Puck & Owen paper dolls! That's right kiddies, it's a two-fer.
Working on commissions, lots of digital because that's how I'm doing the stuff for the puppet kids book, and coloring Shiri's stuff. Dina, I'll try to get started on your comission this week too.

Okay. Off to try to beat the day into shape.
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Okay, first off is late birthday art for [ profile] revyrie! I'm sorry this is late, it should have been a quick easy drawing, I was totally going to do a background. It took four days and... ergh. Anyways, good old Tammieboy after the booze and Christi catching him at it. My drawing skills have improved since we did the RP... but I can see a lot of things wrong with this. My drawing skills are not up to par this week.

Unrelated, I came across this, which is horrifying. Michiganders may have trouble voting if they're in foreclosure. This can't be legal. That doesn't mean it won't manage to clog up the polls so that it doesn't get sorted out until it's too late. I happen to have family in Macomb Township, although I don't think any of them are in foreclosure. This is just... ugly. Spread the word, in case there's a chance to stop the mess before November.

Did a bunch of dream journal updating.
'Box of Dreams' (What, is that a euphemism for something? *snicker*)
Come see the whales (nightmare)
Juvenile Delinquent (obvious loss of job stress)
Mysterious Air Force Maneuvers?(Patrick Stewart WTF?!?)
Budding Witch? (Very Gaimanesque)

I try very hard not to rant on this journal much, but life is really, seriously kicking us in the head right now. Repeatedly. I feel like we have no chance to get ahead, and every time we think we might at least unbury ourselves a little, WHAM something else comes up and hits us. I want to scream. Bridgie is home today. Might have to up/alter the meds and incur more doctor bills. We are technically in debt right now, which is to say we have bills that need to be paid and not the money to pay them with.
I can usually say that no matter what crap is going on, as long as I can still draw things aren't completely awful.

Right now I can't draw.

I have not had a single job interview.

At this moment my world feels like a sinking ship with nothing on the horizon.
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Got up earlier than usual this morning to drive Bridgie in to work, but before that I was having a dream on crack. After some analysis, the overall dream isn't too crackmonkeyish, but there's one specific glaring feature that makes me go bzuh.

Starts out mundane... )
Wait for it... )
Wait for it..... )
There! )
Go ahead, try and tell me that wasn't weird.

Meme yoinked from [ profile] revyrie Read more... )

Anyway, Mel and her mom are coming... tomorrow? Oh geez. And I have commissions I should really be working on, and what am I doing dinking around online?

I also called the VCU Dental school, and I shouldn't have worried about it conflicting with jury duty. Because it is a Dental school, and the students need to get settled in to the fall semester, their earliest available appointment is Nov. 5th. Crap. I scheduled it anyway. I hope I don't get too desperate before then.
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I had a dream in which I was a Peter Pan-like character, working two aid two children (brothers?) in their fight against the unfair life situation into which the adult world had put them. We had subdued and escaped their unkind guardians. We had stolen the fantastic houseboat that belonged to them as a home that would give us freedom and the ability to evade the clutches of adults until the older brother became eighteen and legally allowed freedom. We were on the verge of escaping the Feds who were trying to stop all this and put the kids back into the hands of the Guardians or a foster home or whatever. The Feds had planted some money with some kind of tracking system on it, a bait which we’d picked up, but we were counting the money we’d amassed for buying necessities and keeping ourselves happily independent of adults and could afford not to use it. We had also successfully captured and handcuffed the Fed trying to catch us, and he told us about the tracking numbers on the money we’d taken, gloating about it. I sorted through the money, calm and casual because we were going to leave him on the dock and flee safely. Some of the money was real, some was fake, and some was coupons.
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Dear Morpheus,

This morning I was the recipient of a dream misdelivery. I am a 29 year old lesbian who participates frequently in RP, and drawing. I believe I am slated for dreams involving archetypes and mythical plots, interspersed with dreams involving relations and personal issues. This morning between 7:45 and 8:00 AM I was given a dream from the perspective of a married 30-some year old male regarding worry over what to get his wife for valentine's day. In particular he recalled a Valentine past when he visited the toy department of a store with a friend, dressed up as a viking using props sold in the store itself, crouched over a stuffed toy horse and had his friend photograph it. The photo was then used to make a card, with little expense to himself since he only borrowed the costume pieces while in the store. This year he was wandering the aisles looking for another similar idea and hit on dressing as Bob the builder and sitting on a child-size Bob the builder toy vehicle for the photo.
I understand that mistakes happen, and I am not too distressed over the misplacement of my own dream, but I fear that the man the dream was slated for will go without a gift idea because of the error. I hope this information helps you to correct the incident.

Thank you,
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My apologies to all our friends, nobody in this house has been online much at all lately. Checking eml seems like a chore I barely have time for. There will be internet access from my parent's house, you can be sure of that (My dad is the one who taught me how to build computers...), but of course we'll be busy there, too. If I don't get to posting again before we leave, happy holidays to everyone!

Unhappy ramblings )

In other, calming things, still chipping away at the to-do list before we go. Today is a last chance at laundry, and we're going to be baking cookies with Bridgie's mother. Hopefully she'll be feeling better. The last time I saw her I wasn't sure how much to attribute to the stroke and how much to a major nic fit, because the doctors are making her quit smoking as abruptly as possible. It's harsh but ultimately a very good thing.
Also on the list, I need to finish Xmas cards, which I am being an insane monkey about this year. I don't think I've really seriously bothered past the first year I moved away, but now, fearing my mother's disapproval, I am hand painting cards and making a list of friends and family to send them to. Especially family. Because she'll know. They're going to be late, and I'm going to go insane with the stress.
Oh yeah, also on the list is to bind the quilt I still haven't gotten back from the longarm quilter (you've got three days guys!!!), wipe and reload my mp3 player so that my father won't know it's glitchy, clean house because we're supposed to get a freaking eliptical machine, and art for Ichigo from DM. Ahahahaha. And I am working full days Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I have mostly off only because I got someone else to take my shift. We get on the plane Thursday morning.

I should probably pack, too.
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Okay, I'm not sure if dreams should count as Nacrewhamo material, but I took the time to type them up, so that's something. Feeling marginally better today. Less stabbing in the abdomen style pain and more of the usual low-grade obnoxiousness that men don't want to hear about. Aaanyways, posted these to the dream journal so I'm just gonna link. That I have dreams involving variations of my RP characters probably says a lot about me. Feel free to commence with the Jungian analysis.

This morning, [ profile] librarykeeper (The Librarian) as a slave.

Last month, just now typed up from notes scribbled down the morning after, [ profile] call_me_rat (Markus Rathbone AKA Rat) in post apocalyptic shit.

I'm still going back periodically in the dream journal and adding tags as patterns emerge. I accept suggestions and people are welcome to poke through there. I keep trying to subtly coaxe Bridgie into posting dreams there too.

oh hay stuf

Jun. 9th, 2007 08:56 am
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Been meaning to update this, been on the computer, been busy with other things. Cut by topic for probable rambling:

The window )

PotC3 )

C.M.P. )

Right. In other news, there's been some updating on my DA gallery, working on fanart stuff but all this htmling has distracted me from working on the photoshop pic of doom I keep meaning to finish.

Not an official WTF, but a week or so ago I had a dream about Mr. Vandemar. Yeah, of Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar, and you should all go read/see Neverwhere if you haven't.
Anyway, I dreamed that Mr. Vandemar started to like this chick out of a group they had held captive for whatever reason, and in the end he turned on and incapacitated Mr. Croup (I doubt killed is the right word), and released the captives. The chick he liked didn't exactly return the feeling and was a little put off by this hulking, uncommunicative brute, but grateful.
Yeah, he still ate rats and pigeons and stuff. Interesting dream, but weird.

Now off to work, while all you bastards enjoy your Saturday.

Dream post

Jan. 3rd, 2007 01:20 pm
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I was looking over the dream journal and there's some stuff on there that's kind of interesting and I don't feel real private about or anything, so I'm opening up some of the entries to be public. There's still hidden stuff on there that's family only, but the stuff I'll make public is mostly just kind of interesting and some of the older ones are taken off my old website, where they were posted in story form.
Also, I totally need to snag whatever journal format is on Morri's Schreber one and make a banner because that is snazzy looking.
The dream I referred to below is posted here.
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This morning I had a weird dream with a couple kids lost in this big wooded estate with a bunch of 'black riders' chasing them all over. There was one 'white rider' around that saved them and kind of turned the tide but it was all kind of Susan Cooper-esque or something. I'll try to write up a better description on the dream journal because Shad says it sounds like wonderful inspiration for a story.
Not much else to say except that I was searching for my WTF of the day last time and completely forgot a good one I had waiting. Life is so much more interesting when you can categorize these weird little occurrences into a WTF of the day.

WTF of the day: We had lunch with Matt last week to give him his Xmas gift last week. I'm sitting there about to cut into my food when this voice from around waist height on my left side shouts, "Who are you??" I look over and there's this kid about three years old beside me, staring right at me very insistently. His mom was trying to pull him along and a minute later he did the same thing to someone a couple booths down, which was kind of reassuring. My initial reaction was kind of '...' but when I heard him demand it of someone else I said 'At least it's not just me...' and that apparently cracked other people up that I would even think I was selected out for it. G-Bridgie said it was very existential of the kid, actually. :P


Dec. 28th, 2006 02:11 pm
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I took a nap before work.
I dreamed first that I was a stray cat, probably Fisher, riding aimlessly around on a city bus to keep warm.
Then I dreamed I was Dirk, stuck in an airport waiting for a delayed flight.
Two of my characters both in the midst of traveling while getting absofuckinglutely nowhere.

Does that mean anything other than just that my brain is on crack? Who knows. Christmas update later.

WTF of the day: I left an eml in my inbox for a while because the subject line amused me. It said only 'Greet sir, your thing is really small!' Um... yeah. Nonexistant in fact. Thanks for noticing. This is supposed to entice somebody to buy what you're selling?
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Yeah, this is me updating twice in two days. Commence WTFery.

I dreamed we had houseguests, plural, like Wendy and Alec or something. It was getting late and we were going on a long trip the next day, like up to DC or something, and everyone else had gone up to bed, and Matt called me on my cellphone. I answered it, because it was late and he’s usually better than to call me late at night, and he said ‘Jesse wanted me to tell you he’s on your front lawn.’ Naturally my reaction was a kind of a wtf, and Matt sounded kind of confused about it too. I asked if he was with Jesse, and he said that no he was at home, and he hoped Jesse wasn’t staring in our window or anything. I peeked out the blinds, and sure enough there’s Jesse with some teenage boy I didn’t know, and a red sports car, parked up basically on the sidewalk (which involves driving on the grass to get to). I told Matt to ‘tell Jesse Hi, that we were about to go to bed, and the next time he wanted to visit he could knock on the door or call me himself like a normal person’. Matt was kind of apologetic, and hung up pretty quick. I waved to Jesse out the window, turned out the lights, and went up to bed. When I told Ginny, she looked out the front window upstairs and said ‘he’s still there’ which was kind of creepy, but we tried to get to sleep. We kept hearing voices, and checking out the window, and not only did they not leave but more people showed up to hang around the car in our front yard. More people kept showing up, and by the time everyone in our house was awake there was a regular block party gathering outside. I actually went outside (yeah, in pajamas) to try and find Jesse and basically ask him WTF but the crowd was already too big, so I gave up and went back to the door. There was this random stranger-guy in a mechanic’s kind of outfit, trying to fit his key into our door lock. I slipped past him to get the door open and try to block him from coming inside, and he was all kinds of insistent that we let him crash at our place for the night, because he was here for the party but also need a place to sleep. He made it sound like we were somehow obligated to let him crash in our place, and did not want to take no for an answer. When I told him I needed to call the police and I couldn’t deal with him right now, and was trying to shut the door in his face, he was asking ‘can I just take a look at the upstairs first?’
I basically woke up after closing the door and picking up the phone for the police. I think my brain was trying to remember the non-emergency number for Henrico PD and could only come up with that it has a lot of 5’s in it, so I woke myself up to go look for the number.

My brain is really on crack.
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So I dreamed that I was working in this crappy little diner, and Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, and Louise Gold came in. For those who aren't rabid psycho fans, these are the principal muppet performers who are still alive, as Jim Henson and Richard Hunt are both dead. In my dream, they looked like they probably look now, older than in most of the pictures I've seen. They were going to do some big show the next day or something, and I knew I didn't have a chance at tickets because they were probably sold out already, and I had next to no money and no transportation. I also didn't have the guts to tell them I was a big fan. I tried telling the one other person I was working with who these people were, and she was clueless and unimpressed. I was working like crazy because it was busy, they weren't the only customers, and I served them and listened to them talking and then they were getting up and ready to go, and it was the end of my shift. I told Steve Whitmire (Who is voicing Kermit these days) that I was a big fan, and good luck at the show tomorrow, then left. I had to walk home, through bad neighborhoods. There was a group of people on the way, smoking around a trashcan fire and talking and partying, and some guy came over and offered me a free ticket to something, and I was so desperate I said okay. Next thing I know he's following me while I continue walking home, and he was hitting on me. He was this kind of typical black ghetto guy, which bugs me because the people who look like that who I've met when I'm awake are usually nicer and more polite than white kids who dress the same. I resent my sleeping brain's stereotyping. Anyways, he was following me home and I was trying to get rid of him, and too nervous to realy look at what he'd given me. I started walking faster and faster, and then got to the front door of my crappy little apartment in a bad neighborhood and said firmly and politely goodnight and got inside quick. When I was inside with the door locked I looked at the tickets, and they were for some concert of somebody I'd never even heard of.

Dreams suck, and my brain is on crack.


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