May. 5th, 2007 09:15 am
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Quick update before I dash off to work:
Car is okay, under $200 worth of okay even, but the problem had to do with the distributor. We got it back Thursday night.
I did the last puppet show yesterday. ;_; I'll miss the show, I won't miss the commute. Same said something about hating to have a show built that isn't making them any money, which was kind of hinty, so I said look me up if they ever decide to do another run. Mine is the hardest part in the show to replace. The other two performers have to learn lines and interactions and the song, but my part involves operating all the shadow puppets and working blind from the other performers, as well as being able to think in reverse and work without a script pretty much from the early rehearsals. The shadow puppets are the cue for a lot of lines.
Just to make for a nice sendoff, Olumide (the drummer) was particularly odiferous yesterday, which is not good in an enclosed vehicle on a two hour commute. Ugh.

Plenty more I could probably think of if I wasn't about to run to work. Blargh. I feel busy all the time.


Apr. 27th, 2007 09:27 am
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Still here. I've been meaning to post but life just gets in the way. First I was just busy, and then... yeah. And then bad shit happened and I wasn't sure what to say about it.

Cut for those who don't want to read it: VTech )

On a lighter note, puppet show only has a week left to go. It'll be one hell of a week, because I'm working all the days around the puppet show and they added an extra show on Friday. Heidi and Sam, the people that respectively designed/direct the show and built our set, have been down in Atlanta GA doing shows. The inanimate objects involved know this, and have been conspiring against us. By 'us' I mean the performers and the neighbor that's been driving us and doing the A/V stuff. Two weeks in a row the van has developed problems that involved it not starting so that we had to go in his vehicle, and the tree has been steadily breaking down. This week it was held together partly by means of gaffer's tape rigged to basically tie the structure into shape.
I also fileted my thumb in the putting the set up process on Tuesday. Sliced it open through the thumbnail. It's healing pretty quick, which is good, since I can't write or draw worth crap until it does. I'll spare you further gory details. I haven't sliced myself with a blade in about fifteen years. I play with swords for gods' sake. Apparently when I do cut myself I try to make up for the lack; the first time I cut myself, when I had my first knife, involved slicing my palm open.
They'll be back next week, which probably means that everything will go perfectly and they'll wonder what the hell we were complaining about. After the run is over, Heidi wants to go back to work on the children's book of Galapagos George I'm doing illustration for.

It's busy, but it's a good busy.

ETA: Forgot to add, the MP3 player turned back on, after being left alone for a couple weeks. I still haven't had time to call Sansa and sit on hold. It turns on, and plays, but it won't show or play any new music loaded into it since the glitch. Could be worse, right?
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Sooo yeah. I was really, really sick. We're talking throwing up so many times I list count, roughly once every hour and a half starting at four AM... I don't get sick in a way that has me throwing up often. That's a pretty nasty virus. But! I have no understudy, so I had to go do the puppet show thing regardless. I also did the work thing yesterday, and was pretty much ready to pass out by the time I got home. Actually I was ready to pass out a few hours before that, but it wasn't really an option. I'm feeling almost normal today overall, but the bad part is I'm still basically on liquids. I'm moving warily into things like starchy-bready products and cheese but my stomach seems greatly confused and upset about these things. It's obnoxious. I got sick Friday morning, it's Wednesday and I'm still basically living off jell-o and applesauce and soup. Tonight I'm trying a quesadilla that is nothing but cheese and tortilla, and shrooms. We'll see how that goes.

You know I'm good at rambling, so I'll make cuts.

movie meme from the Pretty Girl )

So, we had the dress rehearsal of the puppet show on Monday, at Blackwell Primary school. The first official show at Wolftrap was today, and it's a two hour drive each way. Read more... )

photos )
Okay, that's all I got. Off to work tomorrow and hopefully by the next time I post I'll be back on normal foods and not wanting twelve hours of sleep a day.
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It is almost 9:30 and I am eating dinner.

Cut for excessive length, links, and pics.
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WTF of the day/week/January: This January, Henrico County issued a new decal we're supposed to have on our windshield. The old one was circular, about 3.5" diameter, but the new one is rectangular and about 4" big. I have one on my windshield, and I don't really notice it, but the minute they came out with these, people started complaining: They're too big, they're visually distracting, they're hard to see around, they're garish and obnoxious. Come on people, what are you doing, sticking it dead center on the driver's side of your windshield? But guess what, all the complaints brought it to the attention of the State Government, which apparently has dealt with this kind of thing before and passed a law years ago that the County decals cannot be larger than 3.5" which means that Henrico County has just made us all put something on our windshields that the state police could fine us for.
Jeenyus in government and your tax dollars at work folks.
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If I'm slow to reply or... you know... exist online these days, it is because I have been devoured by either work or puppetry practice. OMFG puppetry practice is devouring. This is in part because of Heidi, who I need to meet up with for practice, having the whole six-week-old baby thing going on, along with the six year old. Both baby (Iris Tegwyn or Teggy for short), and midget (Thea), are about as good and patient as you can expect chiddlers of those respective ages to be. It's still a struggle for Heidi to get out the door and then get full sentences or an hour straight of practice without interruptions. I don't really mind because I remember the way the puppet show goes pretty well, so I can work mostly on my own, but there's technical stuff I've needed help working out. Like the most important scene in the whole show, where Fisi the hyena plants the baobab tree upside down.
That's what happens on the shadow screen. Fisi digs a hole, pushes the tree over, and dumps it into the hole upside down. What happens on my end is I do this thing where both tree and hyena puppet flip around on their respective little rods while I switch hands and make them land in a way that has to be right the first time without leaving any dead time onscreen.
more rambling and pictures )
So this is what eats up my days off. I've also had an annoying head cold for almost a week and that's dragging me down, plus this random pain in my right arm that requires both painkillers and sleeping pills at night. I'm pretty sure it's a pinched nerve. I'm not sleeping real well so even when it's just regular work for the day, I don't usually feel like doing much by the time I get home in the evening.

In other news, I took the girl to work with me today because she took a class, and got a panicked call from the boss' daughter after I'd been there about a half hour, because it was snowing. The panic was unwarranted, because both class teacher and my coworker showed up on time, and the snow turned to rain. We thought it was just rain, until I went to leave work, and had to spend twenty minutes scraping ice off the car. Urgh. With my aching arm. We went straight to her parents' house for dinner even though we were early, mostly because we were hoping they'd have a better car scraper because mine almost broke. Had to scrape it a second time when we left there but her dad gave us a nice metal one and helped. It's supposed to be 51 tomorrow so hopefully I won't have a repeat of that right away.

I think that does it for my ability to sit at the computer and be coherent today.
Oh yeah! I have new boots! Ones where you can't see my socks through the sole. Just got them last night.

WTF of the day: My boots are men's boots, and the style is 'Bruisers'. They were in the mens section along with other tough guy styles 'Black Bolo', 'SWAT', and 'Kate'. Yeah, that's right, Kate. They're very manly.


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