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Aug. 2nd, 2015 08:57 am
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In a not-so-great place, right now. I'm just posting this here because I need to get my thoughts down somewhere; sometimes it helps me to be able to look back and see what I was thinking earlier and what patterns emerge. It scares me a little that there's posts from August and September of last year where I was feeling burned out and that means it's been more than a year that I've been picking up the slack for coworkers who are barely there. Things only got worse when the tech left, which is more like six months ago, so most days it's just me and the boss, open to close, 6 days a week. And her son, who is nice but spends 90% of his time hiding in the back with his headphones on. Read more... )
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I don't know what to feel right now, apart from scared. I don't know how she got so sick so fast. Maybe it's just a combination of the aftereffects from being spayed plus an upper respiratory thing, and maybe I'm paranoid, but it's not just because of losing Squeaks. The cat I had before her got sick like this, just after we adopted her, and she survived weeks of bad respiratory illness and a long high fever, but it fried her brain so that she then had violent seizures and had to be put down. I only had her a few months. Sooo... yes. I'm scared.

But she still purrs. She purrs so loud it makes her drool and sneeze.
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So in some happy fun times involving the bank, lack of funds, and my hosting service, I lost my website. I have the domain name still, my eml back (was down for two days), AND the hosting. The catch is that to restore what was on my server space they'd like a $150 fee, and no way is that going to happen. I have the actual website files, so I could slap those back up, but all the photos I've linked here over time, banners and images for RP journals (not just mine, either), and all the other odds and ends I and friends have used it to store over the years is gone. So! Working on sorting out the journal banners and whatnot, and I still have to wait 24 hours-ish before I can open FTP and slap something back up on the site.

I may take this opportunity to just rebuild from the ground up and make it a proper portfolio.
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I've been doing sort of okay for a while, busy, overwhelmed a little even, but no longer feeling like I was drowning and being kicked in the head. Then the car developed two oil leaks, one of which they had to take the transmission out to fix, and I started feeling like a money pit again. I worry about the car a lot, because it's now reaching the two-year limit from having the transmission replaced, which is about how long the mechanic said it could probably go before something else major goes wrong. If the car dies for good, we're well and truly stuck. It puts a truly severe limit on job hunting when you have no reliable transportation. The bus system around here is notoriously terrible. We can barely afford to keep the car going, so getting another car is out of reach.
The car was at the mechanic from Monday morning to Thursday evening, because apparently the engine is an unexpected jigsaw puzzle. I guess the mechanic isn't used to working on '84 models anymore. I was glad to have the car back, especially since we have a bunch of appointments this week, and starting the end of this week teenager-sitting that includes taking him to and from school, and then after that dog-sitting... they're jobs that require the car, and they're desperately needed money.
Sunday I talked to my grandmother and my mother both. My grandmother, who has been having eye problems, now has MRSA in her tear ducts. She's on a major course of medicines and eyedrops and daily doctor visits, but if it gets into her sinuses and brain it could easily kill her. This is what Jim Henson died of. If it hits anything important, it kills very quickly. I used up all the minutes on my phone talking to them, to the point where it cut my call with my mother short.
Monday, went for a walk, got a little drawing done, and went out to get lunch. We bought our food, got back in the car... and it wouldn't start. Of course I didn't have a working cell phone to call for help. A very nice employee at the restaurant let me use my cell phone to call first Bridgie's father, who couldn't help because he was on his way to take the terminally ill dog for her cancer shots. Then the guy offered to try jumpstarting the car, but he didn't have jumper cables. I ran across the street and bought a set, only to find that even that wouldn't work. We got some lights on the dash, but the engine wouldn't even turn over. Extremely helpful and amazing employee let me use his cell again to call my mechanic, who in turn called a tow truck.
The good part there was that the truck driver had a big generator thing and managed to successfully jumpstart the car, which meant I could drive to the mechanic and spare us the towing fee. I'm not forgetting that in all of this obnoxiousness there were a couple of guys who were absolute angels.
Car has been at the mechanic overnight, and I need to walk down and get it now so I can get to my therapist appointment on time. I sometimes wonder if it's necessary to see one when the reasons I'm depressed seem so terribly obvious.
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Wow. So I'm sucking at the updating thing. So much easier to play brainless FaceBook games. The charm of them is wearing thin, but I've also just been busy. And depressed. Sometimes I'm even both at the same time. It is awesome.
One thing I'm liking on FB is the photo albums, since I can dump pictures there and link them here. A while back I set my profile photo as this very nice photo with grey streak, but just last week I got all that lopped off for Locks of Love and then dyed it hoping to hide the grey... my hair has a history of not taking dye well, but I hoped now that it's turned wavy and started going grey that might have changed. I've had it dyed for a little over a week? It's already showing the grey again. I guess I'm doomed to live with my natural hair color. This was permanent dye. Results may vary, I guess.

Last night I did a random picture of The Shadow as an excuse to play with black paint. I haven't been drawing as much as I want to, which isn't to say I haven't been drawing at all, but I guess I want to make up for drawing nothing but TEF deer for week, after week, after week. You get the idea, right? Granted, it's for an art exchange thingy, and I had a week where everybody drew mine, so it's cool, but I meant to draw other stuff too. I have a random kitsune pic I've been working on for art to sell, but I've been stalled out on coloring it. I just keep finding other things to do.

This last weekend was a mixed bag I guess, because I spent Saturday at a strawberry festival helping my friend Heidi (Insert shameless Barefoot Puppets plug here) run a puppet making table. They were just paper bees and butterflies, and man those kids love glue sticks. It was very neat to be a part of. I also apparently got heat exhaustion or something, came home and crashed with an almost-migraine headache, and slept basically from 5PM until the next morning because I felt pukey and non-functional. Not awesome. Seriously hoping that's not a sign of things to come with the summer weather.

...Ergh. Okay, and I just got a phone call that we do have to have the mechanic move the transmission to fix one of the two oil leaks in my car, which will not be cheap, and Bridgie's parent's dog who has had two different cancerous growths removed in the past month and a half has to go back to the vet because she's bleeding from the mouth. I know the cost for all this will fall on Bridgie's dad, so I'm feeling like a money pit again. Argh. Going to go find something distracting to do, since I can't do anything productive about this.
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No sketch today, definitely no sketch tomorrow. We have a funeral to go to. Nobody we're close to, but the wife-of-a-few-months of a cousin Bridgie was close to growing up. Sketches will resume Sunday or Monday.
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Bridgie's post.

It bugs me they never even figured out what was wrong with her.

more pictures )
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Last night... oh god. It was a night. There was some thunder earlier, and one of those periods of ten minutes of pouring rain, in which I ran out and rolled up the car windows. Came back in, wondering over whether Squeaks was out or in. When there's thunder, Squeaks usually goes straight under the bed. The rain didn't last, and there was RP and stuff, and we didn't think much of it. Then it got later, and there was more thunder, and more rain, to the point where it seemed necessary to shut down and unplug the computer. Aaand couldn't find the cat. A thorough investigation of under the bed and all over the house and there was no Squeaks, and I figured she would have come in during the gap between thunderstorms, so I was worried. Worried enough to go out in the rain and call for her... and call, and call, and wander the neighborhood. Most cats don't come when they're called, I know, but she does, very reliably. my cat is not very catlike, I know. After getting soaked down to the underwear, we came in and sat waiting out the worst of the storm. She'd been gone for probably three or four hours by then, which is really unusual, and I was imagining her running across the road in the dark and the rain and getting hit by a car. She's been hit by a car, once that we know of for sure. When the rain had let up to a light drizzle, we went out again, calling, jingling keys (she responds to the sound of my keys), circling the back of the house and checking trees, even looking under cars. By this time I was half looking for a body. At one point I went by to check the porch again, which I'd been doing regularly... and there she was. Looking like a drowned rat. She even ran off the porch into the rain again to get to me.
It took a while for her to get dry again, but I sat up with her purring and demanding my attention until after five in the morning. Woke up today with a terrible headache and I think the day is pretty much shot. That was... stressful.

Yurgh. So, this feels anticlimactic or something, but some art.
Forgot to upload this before, but here's the full image of bartender Thorny for the Dark! plot. Couple of icons got made from this. Just your friendly bartender.
Been trying to photograph this for a couple of days. I totally made a doll. Actually I started it a long time ago, but the drawing thing wasn't working real great lately, so I started working on dolls for the sake of still doing something creative. Random jester doll.
I've also been working on a Dirk Gently doll but I'm a little stalled on the jacket.

Anyway, there's your update of the whenever. I'm gonna go pet the cat some more.


Jun. 13th, 2009 10:08 am
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So yesterday I finished my post with the announcement that I was gonna work on drawings. I also left out one small detail about the concert the night before, which would be this group of kids sitting in front of us for part of the concert. Two had cigarettes, which is fine, and the third had a pipe, which would have been a little suspicious even if I hadn't caught a whiff of what was in it.
You see Rey, who grew up in hippiesville, Cannabistown, who has never actually smoked that stuff and would admit it if she had, is allergic.
So about ten minutes after my post yesterday, the light show started. The visual distortion generally comes before the pain when I get migraines, and I pretty much only get them as an allergic reaction. I spent a few hours lying very, very still, afraid if I moved even a tiny bit I would puke. I couldn't look at much of anything for most of the day. I still couldn't look at print by evening. Needless to say, drawing did not happen.

Anyways, today is a new day, I can walk straight, and look at things without getting sick. Hopefully art will happen today.
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So, we're on night two without Spider. Basically the blood tests were inconclusive, but it's narrowed down pretty well to a couple things. Three things. One is hyperthyroidism, which they're running a new test on and we should hear the results tomorrow morning.
Everyone cross your fingers and pray that comes back positive, because it can be maintained or even cured, and the other two possibilities give her a pretty short time left ahead.
Even though she's staying overnight again, they brought her out to the examining room after the long talk to determine what test to do next, and she sat on Bridgie's chest and bashed her head into and bit her chin, which is exactly where she's happiest. It was kind of painful to then have to hand her back to the vets. Still, they said she's eating well, and alert, and she seemed basically herself, right down to blowing snot bubbles again, which is second on the list of Spider's hobbies, first being sitting on Bridgie's chest and biting her chin.
We're really, really hoping it's hyperthyroidism.

There hasn't been much online-ness because we've been trying to keep the phone line free for vet calls, which is why I'm only now updating here. Apparently they have people there until fairly late into the evening, and we don't want to miss any necessary information about her. I know there's some stuff OOC in the Dark City comm and family members will get to it when we have the chance.

Aaand art. Which I can't bring myself to be as enthused about under the circumstances.
Sketch for a watercolor pencil painting of Maggie
Sketchpage full of mostly Jareth, for any Labyrinth fans out there.
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Squeaks gets a deworming pill, which will be fun.

Spider... has something bigger than worms going on. They've already got a negative on Feluke and AIDS, but she freaked out when they took blood and they had to put her on oxygen, and she's staying overnight and more bloodwork. Hyperthyroidism or diabetes are on the list of possibilities, cancer is a more remote possibility, but unlikely. We hope. Bridgie had to give a $200 deposit, which is less than half of the bill, but the vet reccommended us this pet payment card thingy we're going to look into.

Probably won't be online much this evening and maybe not tomorrow, because of the need to keep the phone line free for vet calls.

At least we got the AC fixed today?

Send kitty prayers.


Apr. 27th, 2009 11:19 am
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Things learned in the past two weeks:

There is a lot more fog than you'd expect, in Richmond of an early morning.
No matter how alert I can be at 4:30 in the morning, my stomach does not wake up that early.
Eating when my stomach is not awake is a bad idea.
Maps can be deceptive, no matter how good you are at reading them.
Finding someplace you've never been before in an unfamiliar area is much harder in the dark/fog/hours so early you can't stop and ask for directions because nothing is open yet.
Even the most laid-back of drivers can be induced to a continuous level of mild panic under the right(wrong?) conditions.
Bending over and kneeling and getting up and down all day is hard on the back and knees no matter your age.
There is such a thing as a job that is worse than being unemployed.

I came home Thursday night, after getting lost both ways, being late because of it, and basically had a minor meltdown. At which point I found out that without telling me, everyone around me has been saying I should just get the hell out of the job. My coworkers seemed to mostly be angry annoyed people who complained about the job. I realized that everyone of all ages complained about the physical toll. My superiors seemed to be deeply unhappy people. I was spending almost as much in gas and tolls as I was making.

I angsted over the decision, all the same. I feel like it's a slap in the face to the people offering financial support to quit a job, but that last part about the financial balance is kind of a breaker. I quit, as nicely as I could, on Friday, and returned the laundered shirts and namebadge and all this morning. I returned them to the woman who creates the schedule, and when I told her my reasons for leaving she said I couldn't have been on Southside all that much, and I must have been scheduled for Colonial Heights on accident. I should have asked her if scheduling me for hospitals and asking me to my face drive three hours away alone for two days in my first week was also an 'accident'. I wasn't mad until that point.

I am, again, jobless, but looking hard.

Because we are not under enough financial and emotional stress, we have just discovered that Spider has worms. We had made a vet appointment because she acts healthy but is ridiculously skinny (and snotty), but I hadn't seen a single sign of worms until this morning. And I'd been looking, in case. She doesn't even go outside except once in a while for ten seconds to eat grass beside the front walk, with one of us standing over her. We're taking both cats in to make sure Squeaks didn't somehow give it to her, although calling Squeakers skinny would be... well she's not truly overweight, but she's built like a tank.
The good part is Spider is acting fine apart from trying to kill Bridgie for strawberries and going up on the counter after the crockpot. Actually I guess that last part is healthy, if aggravating. She plays with string, tries to get outside, rolls around and meeps and is generally herself. And she's always snotty, so...



Life? Please, please, please give us a break sometime soon? Please? We've filled our quota of misery already, okay?


Apr. 14th, 2009 12:47 pm
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Still here, for now. Getting tired of angsting all over this journal, so I'm having trouble finding anything non-angst to post or say. I'm really sorry, to all friends. I know I'm way behind on what's going on. I don't get online a whole lot right now, except to stare at comics, which don't require any input. Bridgie got turned down for unemployment, and I'm off to my new job this afternoon, my first day will take a 45 minute drive to an area I'm really unfamiliar with, and being late once is a firing offense. Right now there's just a lot of flaily 'where is rent going to come from?' and 'will the car hold out on a job I have to drive all over every day?' and 'OMFG are we really and truly fucked yet?'

Damnit. Angsting again. Anyway, if we seem to be absent, and utterly confused as to what's going on when we're not, this is why.

I just don't know guys. I don't know. Every day feels like falling.
I don't know.


Mar. 4th, 2009 04:44 pm
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Um. Geez. I don't make two posts in one day for no reason. The high from the feature on DA is nice but it won't pay bills. I'm still trying to figure out how to make my art do that.

Bridgie lost her job.
We have enough for rent, and bills for now I guess. I'll help her do the unemployment thing. Lots of jobhunting going on. She's got more marketable skills than I do.

I just don't know right now, and I wish I had the answers. She's got a cobra rider on her insurance until the end of March, but she needs the insurance to pay for the meds that keep her functional so she can work so she can have medical insurance so... yeah. It's a cycle and now it's broken.
At this very moment, there is no source of income here, at all. We're counting on her last paycheck, and tax refunds, and whatever unemployment will give her.

If we someday vanish off the net at least you guys will know why? It drives me nuts all these advice things I keep seeing about budgeting. They talk about cutting down the cell phone, the cable or satellite, the credit cards, the gym memberships, all things we don't have. We've already been living on the financial edge for years. We have heat, electricity, phone line, rent, food, and ten bucks a month for dial-up. We're not living to the excess here.

Suggestions? Anyone? Please? Especially suggestions on getting a damn job. And don't anyone suggest 'move to Canada' or I will e-slap you.

I will still give meme answers below, because I ned the distraction, damnit.
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Skimmed the Flist today but didn't really respond to anything. I've had worse weekends but I've had better ones too. On the downside my tendonitis is attempting to kill my left wrist. In the past it's mostly been the right wrist, which is the mouse hand so that's annoying, but the left? I can't write, draw, type without at least some pain. This started last week and I got a brace, and it's improving slowly, but... painfully slowly. I can't draw. Damnit. My entire identity is wrapped up in my ability to draw. Sad but true.
Good-ish note: The Dentist visit yesterday turned out to basically cost me nothing (I had a credit from the assessment), and they're pretty sure I won't need a root canal, just a filling. Apart from the giant cavity of doom in the one tooth I was sure of, I'm apparently in amazing shape for someone with no dentist visits in about 8 years. The dental student said I must have good genetics. He was a big beefy guy, which made me feel better about his being probably younger than me, somehow. I'm not old enough yet to accept my dentist/doctor/etc being younger than me, damnit. If I still don't feel like an adult... yurgh. Anyway, the appointment two weeks from now scares me, because that's the date of the big scary dental drill.
Wrist not doing too bad but this is the most typing I've done at a stretch since it started.
Will post again when it seems safe to. *HUGS* to everybody.
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Blah blah blah very sick etc. )
At the risk of making this even longer, here’s Shiri’s commission, which I ‘finished’ about a week ago. I was reluctant to put it up because I still want to fudge around with the background/grate on the floor, because I feel like the whole thing looks half-assed. That’s a really sad thing when the foreground turned out so amazingly well. If you ignore the background, this may be the best digital work I have ever done. Ever. I’m not someone who usually likes their own work. The image is a scene from one of her Transformer fanfics, which can be found on her DA account. I give you a moment in the fight between Broadcast and Scorponok. Flattery welcome, as always. ;) I would like to point out this is my first attempt at drawing mecha.
I could use good vibes, I am about to turn the age which, according to my parents and Bridgie’s, you can’t trust anyone over, I am jobless and sick. On the other hand, there is shadow puppetry and book illustration in my future, and I have wonderful people around me, and as sucky as finances are we’re not in danger of losing our place or anything. Plus, Hallowe’en! I need to get decorations up. Might cop out and do pirate this year again, because I own so much stuff for that costume. I want a real cutlass some year when there’s more money around, just to add to my sword collection. There’s a gorgeous basket hilt one in an old catalog I’ve got that I still lust after. I wonder what the weighting is like, I’ve never tried one.
I must be getting better if I’m thinking about swordfighting again.
Will catch up on RP threads/posts as my brain lets me, I still have brainjuices leaking out my nose.
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Notice to RP friends, there will probably be no RP from us tonight.

On the way back from picking Bridgie up from work we headed to the grocery store. It's been drizzling on and off all day so the roads are wet, and up on the bridge I came up on the line of people waiting for the red light, put on my brakes a nice reasonable distance away, and... didn't stop. At all. Until I hit the car at the back of the line. I don't know if pumping the brakes would have helped or not, it was a skid and the brakes just didn't do a damn thing. The older couple in front of us seemed okayish, but they took the woman to the hospital because her neck felt a little funny, and they don't mess around with that kind of thing. That car also bumped a third car in front of them, but our car is the only one that even has a scratch. The front left turn signal won't light up, we think it's probably just the bulb is broken, and the front bumper is just slightly cracked up/twisted. I didn't see a scratch on the other two cars, which is good. Between police and insurance and all we just got home a couple minutes ago. The cop couldn't even write me up for reckless driving, because I wasn't, so I got a ticket for 'Following too close' which is probably the nicest thing he could put on there.

Slightly shaken up. Haven't broken down yet. Didn't need this while jobless and just poured over a thousand dollars into car repair. Hopefully the insurance company won't tell us to junk it over minor fender damage.

We're going to just veg tonight.
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Okay, first off is late birthday art for [ profile] revyrie! I'm sorry this is late, it should have been a quick easy drawing, I was totally going to do a background. It took four days and... ergh. Anyways, good old Tammieboy after the booze and Christi catching him at it. My drawing skills have improved since we did the RP... but I can see a lot of things wrong with this. My drawing skills are not up to par this week.

Unrelated, I came across this, which is horrifying. Michiganders may have trouble voting if they're in foreclosure. This can't be legal. That doesn't mean it won't manage to clog up the polls so that it doesn't get sorted out until it's too late. I happen to have family in Macomb Township, although I don't think any of them are in foreclosure. This is just... ugly. Spread the word, in case there's a chance to stop the mess before November.

Did a bunch of dream journal updating.
'Box of Dreams' (What, is that a euphemism for something? *snicker*)
Come see the whales (nightmare)
Juvenile Delinquent (obvious loss of job stress)
Mysterious Air Force Maneuvers?(Patrick Stewart WTF?!?)
Budding Witch? (Very Gaimanesque)

I try very hard not to rant on this journal much, but life is really, seriously kicking us in the head right now. Repeatedly. I feel like we have no chance to get ahead, and every time we think we might at least unbury ourselves a little, WHAM something else comes up and hits us. I want to scream. Bridgie is home today. Might have to up/alter the meds and incur more doctor bills. We are technically in debt right now, which is to say we have bills that need to be paid and not the money to pay them with.
I can usually say that no matter what crap is going on, as long as I can still draw things aren't completely awful.

Right now I can't draw.

I have not had a single job interview.

At this moment my world feels like a sinking ship with nothing on the horizon.


Sep. 8th, 2008 12:05 pm
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Still here, *waves* still inking Shiri's commission because OMG Transformers are hard! I lack the technical precision to do real mechanical drawing. I'm doing a pretty good job BSing it though.
Last week was... I dunno. I have a lot of stuff to do today, and instead I'm posting on LJ.
I don't even want to talk about the car, but as a brief update it is living on borrowed time right now. We're torn between repair and junking it to get another car instead. The inspection is due next month, which complicates things a little. Either choice is coming out of other people's pockets, which on the one hand is amazing and incredible and thank you because we can't afford anything right now, but on the other hand everyone is telling me that ultimately I'm the one who gets to decide. Nobody else, just me. Deciding what to do with other people's money is way more stressful than deciding what to do with my own.

Just wanted to say I'm not dead, basically. Hopefully my next post will be art again. Everybody loves art, right guys? Right? The last post was art...
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Because this is the order I grabbed the links in...
The arts:
Commission from Shiri for her friend Domon of his character Owen Matthias. Man, that's just a cool name.
Long awaited and finally colored, DBear's Warcraft character Biancamane.

I guess I hadn't advertised it, but I now have a gallery on Artspots. Expect more furry art. I have ideas, but commissions come first. Working on your sketch next Shiri, and then Dina's wedding portrait.

The sobering:
Our friend Wendy is very involved in Roma activism, and she's been posting some scary stuff. Spread the word. We really don't need another holocaust.

The obnoxious:
The weekend Mel and her mom were here, our car went very seriously downhill. Haha. Or rather, downhill is the only way you can get Reverse to work. It was acting up intermittently before that, but last Friday it had to be pushed twice just to get it unstuck from spots where going forward was not an option. In an apartment complex where it's almost all streetside parking, this is a serious problem. It's probably the transmission, which costs more to replace than the car is worth, so... we may soon not have a car, again.
My parents actually offered to help pay for a used car, which would be awesome, except that I had to basically say 'wow thanks that's great but I can't just say absolutely yes.' The car we have is not technically mine, and I am not paying the insurance on it. If my parents help/pay for a car, it would be mine, and I don't want to agree to that and then be unable to pay for the insurance. At all. Which I can't right now, because... still jobless.
Did I mention that although I have been approved for unemployment, reported with information of the jobs I'm applying for, I have yet to see a single penny from them? I went online today with my jobhunting records all ready and was told that my claim has expired. WTF. I'm getting close to the wire here financially, no one will call me back for an interview, I have a dental appointment I may or may not be able to pay for, the car is potentially dead/unsafe to drive and... yeah.
I'm gonna stop there.

Good things:
It's Friday evening...?
I still draw fine, and have commissions to work on.
...I have my health?

Oh yeah, new Red Dwarf stuff will happen! I have no idea how I will ever get my hands on it, but it's cool news.


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