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And looking back, the last several posts are rants about overwork... yeegh. Well. Still an issue, but at least holidays make for a break or two, and the boss told me I'm working harder than anybody else there and gave me a raise, so there's that.

In between work, this took way too long to color, but I have been playing my AU Horvath more lately. Art under cut )
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So this was an experiment to try to mimic the style of Alex Ross, and while I can see plenty of flaws, I seriously did not expect it to come out looking this decent. Took maybe four hours? Watercolor. Need to try practicing this some more, then apply the technique to SPG robots…
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Wow, these pencils look great! I’ll just ink it and- whoops, didn’t mean for that line to go there… maybe I can fix that in photoshop… whoops, messed that part up too, maybe some white out… whoops, that line wasn’t supposed to…

aw fuckit. I guess maybe I shouldn’t ink that right now.

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Link to DA: Sketches of older The Shadow...
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I… don’t really know, either. Painted after Christmas in my new sketchbook. Centaur Claus. I’m not sure it’s even a good pun. Perhaps this will be my Christmas cards next year.

SPG Arts!

Dec. 10th, 2013 07:40 pm
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Steam Powered Giraffe art: Three Ages of Rabbit


Sep. 1st, 2013 07:53 pm
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SPG fanbot design, Daddy LongLegs
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Oh, also art! Under cut )
Working on a ref sheet for my character D.S. (I want to do ref sheets of all my OCs eventually). These are just the two basic pose thingies for it, but I'm pleased with them and I feel like my skill is finally at a level where I can draw him right.
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So RP is my escapism from the stress of being poor, which should be lovely and free, but I also have an icon addiction and that is not. All of my journals are running out of paid time at once, which means I lose icons on several characters. I have three journals I'd like to have paid: [personal profile] 1stmacleod, [personal profile] dirk_gently, and [personal profile] bitterguardian (which expires on the 12th).

Since money is tight, and this is technically a frivolous expense, I'm offering icon commissions for paid journal time! I will do 1 icon for $3, full color and hand drawn. I'm willing to do both original characters and fandom stuff, but I like photo reference of some kind. You can contact me here, via Plurk (I'm also Reymonkey there), by email (rey at crackmonkeyproductions dot net) or on DeviantArt.
I will accept Paypal or you may buy paid time directly for the above accounts. This account here does not need paid time.
Example of a set of 6 icons here

I will also accept donations!

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Part of my latest sketchpage colored... with some ugly cloning tool in the bottom left corner to get rid of floating head syndrome. image under cut )
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Just wanted to spread the word about Tod's icon day! he draws amazingly awesome icons and you should totally give him tips to support this!
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So I meant to post some of my 365 art here before now, for those who might not be following my stuff anywhere else. Or something. Anyway, I may still, later. The project has been devouring my life and I'm not quite sure if it's supposed to or not. Today's project is so incredibly goofy yet entertaining that I'm linking it here, just because. Full blog entry is here.

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So my puppeteer friend got me this 365: Make something every day book for Christmas, signed by the author. It's cool, but of course I already kind of flunked out on the sketch-a-day thing this past January, and I've never kept that up more than a month, before. But then I brought it home and Bridgie went 'I was going to buy that book!' and got all worked up and started a blog for it, planning to do stuff around the theme of fairytales and mythology, which is incredibly cool. The puppeteer friend has already been doing Puppet-a-day, but I really struggled with a theme for myself. I finally settled on books, kind of book illustration, but also babbling about books and fiction and how they've influenced me so much growing up.

So! Come on over and check out my shiny new blog, it's just for the 365 thing, so other ramblings will still be posted here, and maybe some cross posting of projects from there when I feel like it. For now, there's an intro post and a first project. Bridgie is sitting beside me working on her insanely detailed first project, and hopes to have hers up sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, come find out who this guy is, and learn more about Archy the literary cockroach.

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Belated, but here's my monster day drawings! I actually came up with this guy months back, but his original design just had too much going on, so I never even uploaded the sketches. Yesterday and today I worked on the cuter, more simplified version you see here: click for drawings )
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Still sick, and it sucks. I've been sick almost a week now, and i;m at the coughing up a lung stage.

Anyway! Finally got This! out of the way so I can finally celebrate Monster Day properly. Will be eating discounted Valentine candy and drawing monsters from now until bedtime, woohoo!
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Should've posted this yesterday. Anyway, One thing that distracts me from doing more serious art is memes. Grrr, damn character memes! They're like a virus. I've started one that's a fan character meme on DA and spent way too long on just the headshots of the characters for the very start. E-cookies to whoever guesses them all right in the first go.
seven characters )
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I meant to post before this, really, but... yeah. The past couple of days have been unproductive.
Not-so-great sketch )


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